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A statistic study performed by an institute of sexology indicated that 34 percent of the men examined in their consultation center were having erection problems, and in the case of 14 percent the cause of this problem was purely physical.

Studies in the field have proved that the greatest enemy of men’s erections is the fear of failure. The aforementioned phenomenon is present particularly in those men whose self-validation is closely related to sexuality.

They usually refuse to understand that they unconsciously cultivate their fear of failure, when they should find their peace instead. They should see their real possibilities as they truly are, and adjust their expectations to those possibilities.

Apparently, they pose as “experts” and thus they become more and more vulnerable and the terror of impotence becomes inhibiting in itself.

Consequently, the fear of failure becomes the greatest enemy of erection.
The ambitious, not understanding the real nature of these things, complicate things.

Thus, instead of a rational and gradual approach of the issue, they strive to prove to themselves and their beloved that they are capable of even greater sexual performances.

Unfortunately, repeated failure leads to their failure as men. Remember, Casanova was one of the most potent men because he had never known this fear. An eternal optimist, he always said: “tomorrow I will surely be more fortunate than today”.

Think of what is preventing you from being a Casanova, or even better, a Tantric Master? Of course, in order to be a Tantric master, one must also be a master of sexual continence .

Many men have had the experience of not being able to get an erection or losing their erection precisely in the hottest and most unexpected moments.

If this situation should occur several times, a man may imagine he suffers from a disorder, because this would justify the betrayal of their little “friend”, so to speak.

These studies approximate that impotence due to mental reasons applies to 85 percent of the cases encountered, although men usually consider its nature to be physical.

Here is a questionnaire that will help you form an idea about the factors that are influencing your sexual response.

1. Do you have the usual “morning erections”?

2. Can you get an erection masturbating?

3. Do you have erections while dreaming?

4. Do you get an erection because of fantasies, erotic literature, or erotic shows?

5. If ever you found yourself in the situation of having intimate contact to another woman but your wife/girlfriend, did you do it?

6. Did you have erections under other circumstances?

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If you answer “yes” to at least one of these questions and still you have great difficulties in getting an erection, then your problem is almost surely of a psychic nature.

Sometimes, even if all your answers to these questions are negative, you may realize in time that you are having erections in situations you did not notice before. In this case, it is a mental problem, not a physical one.

So don’t worry! No matter how rebellious your penis might seem, he is not on his own! He is only a soldier standing in front of his commander: your own mind!