The Taoists have a simple exercise in order to “connect” your “heart” with your “genital area”, or in other words to connect your love and your sexuality in a harmonious manner.

If ever you should feel irritated, frustrated or distracted before lovemaking, perform this exercise:
Place you right hand on the genital area and your left hand on the heart area, thus making a “connection” between the two areas of your body.

If you used to have states of irritation or anger, it is recommend that you learn to control and then even transform these negative feelings before you start the Tantric practice.

In order to help this transformation along, we recommend the Hatha Yoga asana-s, because they make the sexual energy circulate through your entire body, eliminating blockages.

Loving yourself – a feeling quite different from egocentrism and narcissism – is important in one’s tantric practice. In the following, you will be introduced to a self-pleasing exercise that will help you extend your sensual pleasure and focus throughout your whole body.

You will also learn other complex exercises that will allow you to control your level of arousal and even to experience multiple orgasms.

However, all these exercises are based on the idea of becoming aware of your own pleasure and sensuality, and therefore the first object of our study is self-stimulation.

If you succeed in experiencing the involuntary contractions of the PC muscle and not ejaculating, you are on the right path to becoming a multiple orgasm man. If you have two such orgasms, you are already a multi-orgasmic man.

In the beginning, it is natural that these orgasms will not shatter the earth, but it is also possible that they will spread through your entire body. Enjoy the thrills of those mini-orgasms.

A practitioner of sexual continence describes his experience as follows:

“When I feel close to the point of non-return, I usually stop, relax and take a deep breath. It is as if I abandon myself in a non-ejaculatory orgasm. Sometimes I perceive it as a pleasant contraction of the prostate. Other times I perceive it in my genitalia and this orgasm is almost as intense – or even more intense – than an ejaculatory orgasm.”

1. Start by lubricating your penis very well. The lubricant will intensify your sensations. Oil is especially recommended, because lotions dry to easily.

2. Start to caress your body as you please, also massaging your scrotum, testicles and the penis on its entire length, as well as the pelvic floor, including the point placed between the anus and the sexual organs.

3. Try to become aware of your levels of arousal. Notice the tingling that may appear at the base of the penis, the stages in your erection, and your cardiac rhythm.

4. When you feel close to ejaculation, stop and rest. Notice the contraction of the PC muscle, and do not be surprised if some time will pass before you will be able to experience those contractions without ejaculating. You may also squeeze the PC muscle around the prostate, if the prostate begins to contract and you fear ejaculation.

5. After you feel you regained full control over your excitement, start caressing again and continue as long as you feel comfortable.