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The compression of the scrotum amplifies many of the benefits drawn from the practice of testicular breathing, which we have already presented.
This exercise reduces the risk of premature ejaculation, frequent nightly pollutions, hernia, calms your nerves, reduces stress and sexual excitation and helps you re-direct the surplus of energy from the pelvic level.
It also awakens your sexual power through the absorption and accumulation of energy from the very air (vayu tattva).

Amongst the three positions indicated in “Testicular Breathing” articles, we prefer the sitting and the standing position.

Inhale deeply, leading the energy down to the solar plexus.
From Manipura Chakra (located here, in the solar plexus) lead the energy to the testicles. You can achieve this by contracting the abdominal muscles and rolling them down in a slight movement.

Now take the energy from the solar plexus (Manipura Chakra) and “compress” it into your testicles. When reaching this stage, you will notice a sensation of warmth that seems to make the testicles swell.

After a while, you will notice the energy moving towards the area of the head, where you will feel the sensation of warmth again.

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1. Sit on a chair, feet on the floor, spread at a distance equal to the width of the shoulders. Wear comfortable clothes or no clothes at all, so that the testicles hang freely.
2. Inhale through the nose leading the energy to the solar plexus (Manipura chakra), and from here even further, to the pelvis and the scrotum.
3. After the energy has descended to the solar plexus, “roll” it downwards to the penis and testicles.
4. “Compress” the energy into the scrotum, and hold your breath with your lungs filled with air. The minimum interval for each such compression should be of approximately thirty to forty seconds. In time you will be able to extend this interval to one minute or even more, for each “compression”.

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