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1. Choose your favorite position.

2. Breathe slowly through the nose, focusing in the throat area. Compress the breath in the throat until you finish inhaling.

3. Inhale forcibly and retain your breath as if you had a balloon in the area of the solar plexus.

4. Push this balloon downwards, to the pelvic area.

5. While you retain your breath, with your lungs filled with air, continue pushing this balloon forcibly towards the scrotum.

6. Exhale through the nose and take a break.

7. Relax, and rotate your torso several times.

8. Repeat this technique five times, then gradually increase the number until reaching 36.

9. Keep your tongue stuck to your palate.

In the following, we shall present an exercise for lowering high blood pressure that may occur after two to six weeks of practice of the “compression of the scrotum” technique.

Some practitioners with high blood pressure will notice an abundant flux of energy in the area of the head.

If your level of blood pressure is high, and you did not practice asana‘s or the yogic relaxation, which help in the even distribution of energy, you may focus your attention on two points to reduce this excess of pressure.

To locate these two points, we recommend the following. For the navel point wrap a string or a belt around your waist, perfectly horizontal.

The point is located at the intersection between the belt and the spine. If you bend over, this point can be felt as the space between the two vertebrae.

The sole-point is located like this: contract your soles, and determine the “deepest” point on their surface. After you discovered the sole-points, stick two small balls on them, as big as beans, put your hands behind your back and focus on these points.

Thus, the vital energy will be led to this area. After you feel the energy accumulated in the navel point, lead it down through the spine, to the points in the soles. Press the soles on the balls so that you perceive these points as clearly as possible.

Sometimes it may take up to two months until you are capable of accumulating energy in the spine-point and directing it to the soles-points. Nonetheless, persistent practice is the key.

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