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The next important point is located in the back of the neck, at the base of the skull. Breathe as previously indicated, pumping the energy to the perineum, sacrum, the middle of the back and then the base of the skull.

Act in the same manner as previously mentioned, storing the energy until you feel it bursts and then focus your attention on the next point.

Pai-Hui, placed on the crown of the head, makes you fill the straw all the way. This means that you do not need to stop anymore.

Push the sacrum backwards a little, to straighten the back and make the action of the sacral “pump” easier. Pull back your chin and contract the area behind the neck to activate the cranial “pump”. Keep your focus on the crown of the head.

Due to the ascension of the energy to the head area, you may feel a little dizzy or even have the distinct feeling that you are rotating. After performing this technique you will feel refreshed and invigorated.

The energy which you sublimated will contribute to your memory, making it more accurate and thus you will be able to sustain an intellectual activity for a longer period of time without getting tired.

Tantra Magazine
This is the beginning of your control over sexual impulses and frustrations. Seminal energy is then transformed into vital force.

Usually, regular people at old age have lost so much of their vital and mental energy that the effects are alarming.

Nonetheless, Testicular Breathing brings additional energy to the brain, revitalizing it. The Taoists consider the sexual energy highly important for mental activity.

Finally, bring the sexual energy from the testicles to the head during one inhalation only. In the beginning try to go over each point in particular, until you perceive the opening of the posterior channel.

After this, focus your mind simultaneously on the level of the testicles and on the crown of the head and thus make the energy ascend directly from the sexual area to the head.

In time, you will begin to objectively perceive the sensation of coolness from the practice. Never hurry and always perform the specific contractions for each of the “pumps”. However, use mainly your mental force and the physical one as little as possible.

Tantra Magazine

You may perform the exercise “Dance of the Testicles” or the “Testicular Breathing” in any place, in the subway, or in your car, or while watching TV, in your office or in bed. The main requirement is that your back is straight, the chest relaxed and the scrotum suspended.

Use the Testicular Breathing to tone your pelvic diaphragm. At each movement of the pelvic diaphragm the inferior part of the abdomen is massaged, and the vital energy flows into this area in the rhythm of the breath, stimulating the glands and vitalizing the organs.

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