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Use your mind to control the upward and then downward movement of the scrotum. In time you will be able to identify the “cold” sexual energy located around the scrotum.

Guide this cold sensation from the scrotum to the perineum, through the slow motion of the testicles. Try to perceive this cold flow of energy ascending a few centimeters into the perineum, and keep it here.

Inhale and exhale several times to bring in more energy. The retention of the energy in the perineum is highly important, as otherwise this energy will “fall” back and even be dissipated in the exterior.

Imagine the whole process resembling raising a fluid through a straw. When you stop sucking in, you have to press your finger on one opening, so that the liquid in the straw does not fall back into its recipient. Practice until you succeed.

Begin to raise the sexual energy along the spine, from the testicles to the perineum, then the lower back.

Arch the back as if it has to be pressed against a wall, simultaneously with the ascendancy of the “cold” energy. Keep the energy at this level, then exhale but make sure your mental focus is located on the sacrum.

Relax the sacrum and the neck, straightening your spine, and activate your two pumps, the sacral and the cranial. All this while, breathe as mentioned before, and repeat the process of raising the energy.

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Store the energy into the sacrum, until you perceive the energy moving in this area. After a while, you will actually feel the “cold” energy flowing upward along your spine.

In the sacrum there is an indentation, precisely in the place where you are supposed to bring the “cold” sexual energy from the testicles.

In this area it is usually harder to work, because the seminal energy is “heavier” and consequently more difficult to raise than the “hot” sexual energy. This is the place where the “pump” we talked about should come into action.

Some people experience pain, itching, or pinching when the “cold” energy enters the sacral orifice, so do not worry if something like this should happen to you. You may solve such problems with a gentle massage of the coccyx.

If you managed to bring the energy into the coccyx, then during the next week try to bring it higher, in the 11th vertebra of the spine, or to be more explicit in the point of the back corresponding to the cardiac plexus.

Do this as instructed above, using the testicular breathing and bring the energy through the perineum until you feel it has filled the place and it has gone upwards.

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As the seminal energy is more “dense” than the effervescent sexual energy you may get used to it by pulling your shoulders towards the interior and then the exterior, to facilitate the passing of the energy.

At the point in the middle of the back you center the energy coming from the renal glands, located above the kidneys. In the Taoist tradition, these are considered pumps, which act as a vacuum forcing the energy upwards.

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