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Sit on a chair, as mentioned before, supporting your weight mainly on your buttocks and feet, so that your genitals are not in contact with the surface of the chair.

Press your tongue on the palate, completing thus the loop between the anterior and posterior channels of the Micro cosmic circuit. Your feet should press firmly on the floor, and your palms should be on your knees.

The lumbar area of your back should be as straight as possible, whereas in the upper part of the spine a slight bending forward is allowed, as this favors relaxation, helping the flow of energy through the throat, chest and abdomen.

Press the chin into the chest. Wear only some loose pants or if possible nothing below your torso.
However, practice this exercise half-naked only if the room is warm, otherwise put on some comfortable pants. If the room is cold you will lose a lot of energy because your body will try to maintain its temperature.

Allow your attention to focus on your scrotum and you will discover that the “cold” Yin energy is located here.

Tantra Magazine
Make sure you are relaxed, and if you see that the tension is still there, take a walk, or do Hatha Yoga, or any other thing that will make you feel at ease, before going to the next step.

Inhale slowly and contract your pelvic muscles so that your testicles are drawn to your body. While inhaling, visualize your breath as a flow of energy that fills your testicles.

Retain your breath for a while, as long as you feel it is comfortable, and then exhale and relax the pelvic contraction and the testicles. Continue this pattern of breathing until you feel you accumulated enough cold energy in your scrotum.

You may perform a series of nine such breaths, then take a break and perform another three to six sets. Be perfectly aware, however, that during the exhalation you eliminate all impurities in the pelvic area.

The powerful flow of energy generated by this type of breathing will accelerate your blood circulation in the pelvic area.

Use your mind to determine the movement of the testicles, not the contraction of the anal sphincters.

After one or two weeks of practice you may notice the actual movement of the testicles. This movement confirms the fact that the breathing method is complete.

At a certain level of practice you will manage to keep your abdomen still, and the only movement you will notice is on your scrotum. You may watch this in the mirror.

Breathe only through the nose, as the warm air inhaled in this manner provides a balanced vital force. The whole body should be relaxed, as if in meditation.

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