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1. SITTING: The general recommendation is to sit on a chair, because this position provides comfort and simplicity. It is easily approachable, favors relaxation and concentration.

Sit on a chair, supporting your weight mainly on your buttocks and feet, so that your genitals are not in contact with the surface of the chair.

Press your tongue on the palate, completing thus the loop between the anterior and posterior channels of the Micro cosmic circuit.

Your feet should press firmly on the floor, and your palms should be on your knees. The lumbar area of your back should be as straight as possible, whereas in the upper part of the spine a slight bending forward is allowed, as this favors relaxation, helping the flow of energy through the throat, chest and abdomen. Press the chin into the chest.

A variant of this position is to perform this exercise in an asana of your choice (such as Padmasana), but the best is Sukhasana.

In fact, there are few positions that allow you the same movement of the scrotum as the previous position.

If you chose to sit with your legs crossed, make sure that you wear comfortable pants that do not prevent you from performing this exercise in an appropriate manner.

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2. STANDING: This is a very good position for the following exercise. The instructions regarding the bodily position and the tongue apply here as well.

However, this position is especially recommended for the Scrotal “Breathing” because the testicles hang freely when standing relaxed. Your arms should be falling beside your torso and your feet should be apart at a distance equal with that between the shoulders, this is an ideal position for this practice.

Train yourself to relax if you feel you are tense or if the sexual energy causes you to feel irritable or embarrassed.

3. IN BED: Never lie on your back when practicing these exercises, because this position curves your chest towards the front and the chest is higher than the abdomen and thus receives more energy.

Also do not lie on the left side, as this position creates pressure on the heart. The correct position is lying on the right side, with the left hand resting on the left thigh, the right leg stretched and the left one slightly bent over the right.

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Place a pillow under your head, so that the spine is straight. Place the right hand as follows: the right thumb is behind the ear and the other four fingers are on the cheek, close to the ear. It is important that you do not cover your ear with your palm.

It is interesting that lions sleep in a similar position. You all know that animals are guided by their instincts, and in this case it is a happy one: this position frees the spine from the pressure of gravity and allows it to take on its natural curve.

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