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The sexual fluids are associated with water and consequently with Yin, in the Chinese traditional system. The rivers, the oceans, the lakes are all Yin.

Nonetheless, the Yin energy may be easily converted into Yang energy once the sexual energy becomes effervescent and active, but this can happen only if the sperm is secreted when the testicles are cold.

In fact, the Western scientists have also discovered that the secretion of the sperm occurs more rapidly if the testicles are cold.

The “cold” quality of the sexual energy indicates that it has to be directed in an ascendant manner, so that it meets and combines with the “hot” energy in the chest and head. The testicles are constantly involved in the secretion of sperm and hormones.

The observations of the Taoists and of the Tantrics in the field of eroticism and sexuality are surprisingly consistent and have been transmitted unaltered for centuries.

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However, only recently have these parts of ancient wisdom penetrated into the Western mind. From their observations, when the energy of the testicles is “cold” (or Yin) it is a sign of strength and youth of the sexual energy.

The “cold” (Yin) sexual energy contained within the spermatic liquid is more “dense” than the manifested sexual energy, which is “hot” and Yang.

A great number of people get to experience their sexual energy only when it is awakened (i.e. during foreplay) and consequently “hot”, although the sexual energy is always present inside of each person.

This only means that the “cold” sexual energy requires help in order to “climb” to the upper centers of force, because of its density.
If you succeed in the practice of opening the ascendant nadis you will also be able to make this energy ascend a lot easier.

The channel along the spine, from its base to the head and then going downwards on the frontal part of the body to the navel, genitals and perineum is recognized by the acupuncturists as the main channel connecting the brain with the various glands and organs (microcosmic circuit).

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The following exercise of “Testicular Breathing” also helps opening up these channels that direct the energy upwards.

This exercise implies the use of your mind to direct the “cold” Yin energy up the spine, to the head. To be more specific: you do not direct the sperm, but the energy resulted from the process of transmutation of the sperm.

In the beginning its circulation will be slow, but in time you will notice the progress and the speed of the process.

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