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3. A fundamental secret of caressing your lover in order to give her the greatest pleasure is to make sure that you touch her skin in as many points as possible.

Do not touch her in a static manner. Let your hands, lips, and tongue explore the most intimate parts of her body. Make sure your hands are clean, and your touch is gentle.

4. Men react to erotic stimuli in different manners, according to their age and control over their sexual energy. For instance, a young man’s penis is more sensitive, and the most indicated type of caresses are on its entire surface.

In the case of an older man, the most recommended manner for arouse him is to hold his penis in between your palms and massage it, imitating the delicate touch of a vagina.

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If you know these aspects, you may help your lover caress you in such manners that will help you avoid the point of no-return.

5. You may express the intense pleasure you perceive during lovemaking in a soft, whispered tone. You will see that this has miraculous effects on your lover, creating a paradise-like ambiance.

The Taoist exercises are beneficialial from two points of view:
– When a man and a woman are able to make love for a long time, they experience a state of vital, psychic, and mental harmony.
– An intense and fulfilling erotic life is the premise for hormonal balance.

Modern medical science has discovered the essential role that hormonal balance plays in maintaining an excellent state of youth and health.

In Taoist terminology, this state is only one of the beneficialial effects due to the harmony between the Yin and the Yang essences of the two lovers.

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For this, auditory and visual stimulation are quite useful; therefore you may use paintings, pictures, music and movies that have a great erotic and artistic value, as they can cause an impressive increase of the feminine and masculine hormones.

The erotic Taoist teachings take the form of a dialogue between the Emperor and a female master in the art of love. Here are some of these teachings:

Just as the woman goes through nine stages until she is ready to begin an erotic act, the man will naturally go through a number of stages as well. They are four in number.

The Yellow Emperor asked: “If I want to make love, but I do not have an erection, is it wise to force it?”

The Mystery Lady answered: “No, it is not wise. The penis has to go through the four stages before intercourse.” The Emperor asked: “Which are the four stages?”

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“If the penis does not become hard, this means that the Yin and the Yang are not in harmony. This is the first note. If the penis is hard, but it is not swollen, this means that there is not enough energy in the blood.

If the penis is swollen, but it is not hard, the energy has not reached the bones. Hardness of the penis is the third stage. If the penis is hard, but it is not hot, the energy cannot be sublimated yet. Warmth is the fourth stage. Only after these four stages is a man prepared to begin intercourse.”