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In order for your sexual energy to go upwards along your spine through the energetic channels (nadis), it is compulsory that these nadis are not “strangled”, especially not in the pelvic area.

The causes for this blockage may be physical (for instance caused by the wrong diet), psycho-emotional (for instance shyness and inhibitions), or mental (preconceived ideas).
Although there are various causes, there is one fundamental factor that causes the blockage of the energy in the genital area and that is stress.
The following exercises will help you relax the muscles of the pelvis, thighs, hips, and buttocks.
Furthermore, a flexible pelvis may help you approach a great variety of sexual positions during lovemaking, which will cast away monotony and will transform the sexual act into a genuine erotic game.
When the pelvic muscles are tensed, not only is the sexual energy blocked at this level, but also the scale of erotic sensations during lovemaking is quite small.

These movements may be performed either horizontally, or while standing. If you decide to perform them standing, spread your soles so that the distance between them is the same with the distance between your shoulders.

Start swinging your pelvis back and forth gently, but firmly, keeping the rest of the body still. For the horizontal execution, bend your knees and keep your soles on the floor.


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Begin the same smooth, gentle yet firm movement, lifting your buttocks from the ground and then coming back, keeping the rest of your body still.

Find a comfortable rhythm and repeat the movement 20-30 times. Breathe deeply and regularly all through the practice of this exercise.

The rolling of the pelvis may be performed better if you stand. Bend your knees slightly, and then start rolling your pelvis, alternatively lifting your hips.

The movement should be slow and ample. Do 20 to 30 rolling movements of the pelvis, and then combine the lifting movements with the rolling movements and do this combination for about 10-15 minutes.

In order to feel more relaxed you should use appropriate music. Tantra Magazine
We recommend that beginners practice these exercises in front of a mirror, so that they are sure that the exercises are performed correctly.

Once you get the move, you may even close your eyes and let the music swing you. Nonetheless, keep your mind focused in the pelvic area.

After each exercise stay relaxed a few moments, eyes closed, perceiving the enhanced relaxation of the pelvic area.