1. Do not lie back while performing these techniques because an intense energy flow may cause you serious discomfort in the chest area.

2. Do not lie on your left side during practice, because this position favors the accumulation of the energy in the heart area and brings too much energy here.

3. Do not place any object under your spine, because this will obstruct the energy flow, curve your back and hurt your spine.

If any of the aforementioned problems should appear, perform the yogic relaxation right away, and you will notice that any discomfort or pain you might have had will disappear in less than a week.

4. Practice these techniques on an empty stomach, or if you ate wait at least one hour before proceeding.

5. Wear comfortable clothes or wrap yourself in a blanket. If you perform the exercises correctly, you will sweat and it is important that you do not catch a cold afterwards. After practice, change your clothes. Keep the room tidy and ventilated.

6. After five compressions of the scrotum sweat will appear on your forehead. Use this sweat and rub it on your skin.

7. Do not breathe through the mouth during the exercise. Your control of the energy is better if you breathe through the nose, as this facilitates the absorption of the prana.

8. Do not allow yourself to feel discouraged if the effects fail to appear during the first days of practice. The energy channels from the testicle area need a certain time to become “functional”.

9. You need to have intense mental focus. Avoid mental agitation and do not follow any images and thoughts that may come to you. Simply let them go, and maintain your focus.

Empty the vessel of your mind of all thoughts, so that you may fill it with energy. Your mental power will develop proportionally with your practice.

10. During this practice close your eyes and follow the path of the energy in your mind. This may sound difficult, but you will be amazed at how easily you will be able to perceive your own energy. When you experience these inner energies it will be a lot easier to direct them.

11. Those who suffer from constipation should practice in the morning, the regular time of intestinal activity. These exercises will also act as a remedy for this problem.

12. In order for the method to be effective, you should not ejaculate for at least thirty days.

We recommend that you extend this interval of non-ejaculating indefinitely, and practice sexual continence, because this will prove to be of great help on your spiritual path, and in your spiritual development.

If you continue to ejaculate, your progress will be hindered and delayed. Learn how to sacrifice the pleasure of ejaculation for greater and more important pleasures, which you can’t even imagine yet.

When you are able to perform these exercises correctly, it will be easier for you to retain your seed during lovemaking.

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