1. Those who practice these methods will gradually but certainly amplify their inner fire, also improving their digestion.

2. If you had some sexually-transmitted diseases, make sure you are completely healed before starting this practice. Otherwise, the pain you will experience will be excruciating.

3. Due to these practices, some people may notice a greater quantity of intestinal gas, and they may need to evacuate their intestines two or three times a day.

In this manner, the body uses its newly acquired resources for complete purification, in entirely natural ways. These unusual symptoms usually disappear in one or two months at the most.

4. This purification is followed by a better regulated digestion, as well as a sensation of vigor and purity. Saliva becomes clear and sweeter, and you will notice an increase in the vital energy at the level of your intestines.

CONCLUSIONS: although these techniques seem simple, they are quite effective if you desire to increase your vital energy and to control your sexual energy.

However, you have to sacrifice your time in order to gain the benefits of these techniques. Remember that a gram of practice is worth tones of theory.

Even if modern life spares us just a little time you have to be willing to sacrifice this time in order to perform these techniques and gain the benefits.

Once they become part of your daily routine, by practicing them as soon as you get up, the results will definitely amaze you. The energy will start to ascend, activating your charkas.

Tantra Magazine
The secret alchemic agent one should use in their spiritual development is your sexual “essence” (semen). This “essence” was used in both Taoist and Tantric traditions, and without it nobody may attain a superior level in their inner alchemy.

The correct mastering of testicular breathing and scrotal compression, is essential before beginning a love-relationship with a woman, who may dominate you both sexually and spiritually.

Your sexual energy is the elixir of life and the fountain of your youth. Therefore, it is worth guarding carefully.

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