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Finally you will be able to control your sexual impulse through your will alone. Even at night, when you become erect, you may channel the energy upwards, decreasing the erection and not having to experience the unpleasant sensation of nocturnal pollution’s.

The mind and the sexual energy are closely related. Through perseverant practice you will be able to control your sexuality just as easily as you control your arms.

Nonetheless, in order to understand the depth of these truths, it is necessary that you practice. Get rid of the rigid, dogmatic ideas and find a new way of understanding and experiencing life.

Be open and brave, practice this technique until you get results. The time required for this depends on you alone. Some people get results faster, others harder. The key is practice.

1. It is possible that a few days after you get the first results with this technique you also experience pain in Hui-Yin or in the penis. This is a normal thing to happen for a short period of time.

Tantra Magazine
The mind orders the muscles to contract and to push back the fluid. This process requires a great muscular force.
Naturally, there will be pain in this area. Massage Hui-Yin and try to relax your muscles. After a while you will not experience any pain whatsoever.

2. If the body acquires a great quantity of energy, more than it is used to bear, there will be some less pleasant effects, such as: hot body, nausea, head-aches, stinging in different areas, usually where there are energetic blockages.

Do not become worried. The practice of the Great Ascension aims at the purification of the body as well as to the accumulation of a greater quantity of energy.

sAsanas, mudras, pranayama techniques, diet, contribute individually and specifically to the accomplishment of your goal. You may find all these techniques in the Tantric Yoga section on our site.

Tantra Magazine

3. In the final stages of mental control over the sexual energy you no longer need to contract the jaws and the buttocks. Contract solely the uro-genital diaphragm and the perineum.

4. In order to attain your goal sooner, keep in mind the idea that you may perform this exercise any time you desire: while driving the car, watching a movie or while working.

Contract the anterior part of the diaphragm, not the buttocks. Be perseverant and do this exercise until you are able to fully control your erection or your tendency to ejaculate, through a simple mental command.

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