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Sexual continence involves a total and conscious control of the sexual function during lovemaking. This implies a total experience of the erotic fusion while having the possibility to reach many orgasms. This kind of erotic fusion doesn’t end with ejaculation for a man or with an explosive discharge of the sexual fluids for a woman.

This technique is also known as coitus rezervatus (refraining the ejaculation) or karezza.
Both lovers, exchange between them sexual energies, but they totally refrain from an ejaculatory orgasm. The man must only have an orgasm with ejaculation when both lovers want to have a baby.

This kind of sexual fusion was named by Dr. Stockham “coitus rezervatus” or ” sublimated coitus”.
During Karezza it is recommended to take breaks during the most intense moments of erotic pleasure. During these breaks the erect penis should remain immobile in the woman’s vagina, while the two lovers are enjoying the mutual transfer of energetic erotic fluids.
Dr. Stockham stated that through this technique youth and long life can easily be achieved. Also, vitality increases significantly.

For women, control over the sexual energy is often spontaneous and only implies a minimum amount of training.
For men, control over the sexual energy and stopping of the ejaculation for long periods (weeks, months, years) implies almost continuous training.

Stopping the sexual energy discharge, by retaining the sexual fluids of both lovers within the body doesn’t make procreation impossible. The man can have the orgasm with ejaculation when they want to have a baby. Studies proved that in the case of a couple that have practiced continence babies are more healthy and full of vigor.

What happens with the spermatic liquid of the man who practices sexual continence?

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Usually, this is the most frequent question raised by men who hear about sexual continence for the first time.
Far from being harmful, seminal retention leads to the biological transmutation of the sperm and makes sublimation of the huge amounts of energy produced to the superior levels of the human being possible. This happens if retention is accompanied by adequate techniques of raising the energy, such as yoga exercises, intense mental efforts and so on.
Therefore, by transmutation, the sperm is transformed into energy and it doesn’t lead to any somatic disorders.

The beneficialial effects that accompany the practice of sexual continence are felt differently according to the power center that was awakened and harmonized through the sublimation of the sexual energy.



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Usually men tend to cling to the feeble pleasure that they feel during the ejaculatory orgasm. Even if they intellectually understood the necessity for sexual continence, they prefer to follow this instinctual way of making love instead. This fact is caused by laziness, commodity, or simply by the lack of their spiritual mobilization that can draw them out of this trap of animalistic sexuality.
In order to justify this inferior tendency he will try to find various external pretexts. In fact, the real reason is the animal tendency that comes from his subconscious. For this reason, it is necessary, for those that are still confronted with such inferior tendencies, to train hard and to instill a proper inner discipline.
In this case, practicing yoga can offer the necessary conditions to successfully practice sexual continence.


One of the most efficient methods for avoiding the discharging of the sexual potential is to perform, for long periods of time, what in yoga terminology is called ASWINI MUDRA, the strong contraction of the muscles of the anus and maintaining this for as long as possible. This technique, which is extremely simple can be easily performed in the so called “dead” times during the day. Though it seems to be something extremely simple, ASWINI MUDRA has amazing effects in obtaining very good control over the sexual energy when it is sufficiently practiced.

This process implies the successive contraction and relaxation of the urinary sphincters during urination. This process grants the skill of controlling the sexual mechanisms and the consciousness of some processes that occur during a discharge. It also allows one to anticipate and to avoid the climax, to experience an orgasm without wasting the sexual energy.
Do not confuse states of un-satisfaction or impotence, when a man doesn’t feel erotic pleasure, with an orgasm that occurs without a sexual energy discharge, which it is strongly euphoric and regenerating.

To obtain perfect sexual continence you have to start intercourse while having a transfiguring vision of the erotic attraction between a man and a woman and maintain it during lovemaking. Both lovers have to understand that sexual attraction has its roots in the primordial attraction between the masculine principle and the feminine one; these two principles govern the entire creation. That is why lovemaking with sexual continence is a spiritual path through which the lovers can immerse themselves into the primordial love that springs from the fusion between the masculine and feminine principle. Thus, lovemaking with sexual continence is a way of rediscovering the UNITY.
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Practical advice:
Do not rush, take your time and have a lot of patience coupled with love.
In the beginning you have to learn to penetrate her very slowly and to be aware of the pleasurable states that occur.
If you feel that the excitement increases to much, you have to slowly withdraw the penis so only 1-2 cm of it remain inside the vagina. Remain motionless in this position. (In the case of an unavoidable ejaculation, quickly withdraw the penis, with a sudden move).
Take a deep breath and hold it while contracting the pelvic muscles (the anal sphincter muscles and the PC muscles).
Simultaneously focus your mind on retaining the sperm. Imagine that you are retaining the sperm. Imagine that an inner alchemical force transforms your sperm into energy. This will help you avoid ejaculation.
Then focus your mind in order to sublimate the enormous energy that is contained inside the sperm. Sublimate it into emotional, mental and spiritual energies by letting the energy of love saturate you.
After this short break, that can last for 10-50 sec or even more depending on your necessity, you can gradually and cautiously resume the penetrating movements. If you feel that the excitement is still very intense, you can repeat the aforementioned many times.
This method is also valid for your lover, because it has an increased efficiency if both of you practice it simultaneously (even if one of you hasn’t reached the pre-orgasmic level).


  • In the beginning you have to manifest huge willpower and tenacity.
  • In the beginning it is better to practice the aforementioned technique sooner the pre-orgasmic level, when there are less possibilities to lose control over the ejaculation process.