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Any couple wishing to control their sexual potential can practice the squeezing technique. While practicing it, your erection may get less hard, but this is not a problem since everything will get normal after you start making love again.

“The squeezing” is an exercise that should be done gradually, first during manual or maybe oral caresses. After you are able to control it, you can use this technique during intercourse. In this case, penetration should be gradual and, in the beginning, slow.

This method requires pressure on some sensitive spots and constant awareness of the sensations that precede ejaculation. This technique is useful for men suffering from premature ejaculation and for men wishing to practice sexual continence .
The squeeze method can be practiced in many ways. There are also more spots on the phallus that can be successfully stimulated. The proper points to press are those from the corona glands.

Some sexologists consider that the entire gland should be squeezed between the thumb and index. Either way, the squeezing of the phallus has been practiced in India since ancient times so it is a reliable method.

In fact, firm pressure at the base of the penis, between the anus and sexual organs, is probably the most efficient manual method for blocking ejaculation. At this level there is a muscular muff whose repeated contraction can block seminal loss all by itself.

This area is evident to some men because of their practice. Furthermore, this pressure, be it manual or through muscular contraction, amplifies the controlled pressure because here lies the projection of the prostate, which has a sensitivity similar to a womans G spot.

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Fractioned urination is a secret way to control sexual energy. Taoist sages considered that the one who controls his urinary potential implicitly controls his sexual potential.

The following simple but efficient methods generate this type of control.

1. The first method is fractioned urination, which means to urinate in short bursts and to take a break of a few seconds between each of them. This break should be long enough to completely stop the urinary flow of the urine.

You may feel thrills in your entire body, ascending along your spine, especially during the first few jets. These thrills are a manifestation of the energy that results from transmutation generated by the firm and strong contraction of the urinary sphincters.

Some texts assert that, this energy (these thrills) must be visualized and directed up the spine until they reach Ajna Chakra or Sahashrara Chakra.

The effects of this method are:
Better control over the vital and creative energies while practicing erotic continence
An increase of the yang, solar, dynamic virility, energizing your whole body
An increase of your vital energy and will power.

Fractioning the urine jet 30 times during each urination for about three weeks will cure many genital and urinary diseases, disorders and will harmoniously amplify the libido.

The transmutation and sublimation of the energies generated by this technique will increase virility, sexual power, mental abilities and the power to concentrate.

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2. The second method says that half an hour before making love you should drink as much water, tea or juice as possible, at least 1 liter, so that while making love your bladder is full.

You need to feel like urinating. Then, you should relax the urinary sphincters during intercourse and the entire inferior abdominal area just as you would when you want to urinate.

You should not worry, it is practically impossible to urinate now. Thus, in a few minutes, you will start to feel the energy ascending easily and spontaneously.

You may also feel some very pleasant thrills and an intense erotic emotional states. You can endlessly prolong this state by relaxing the sphincters and the inferior abdominal part.

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