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Each non-ejaculatory genital orgasm contributes to the sublimation of the sexual energy, and thus the blood pressure in the pelvic area will drop.

Some non-ejaculatory pelvic orgasms are highly energizing, but once you got your “orgasmic capacity” able to bear more intensity, you will surely want to extend these pelvic orgasms to your whole body, which is the true purpose of Tao and Tantra.
The multiple all-body orgasms start with the pelvic orgasms, in the contraction phase, but now, instead of letting the sexual energy stay in the pelvic area, you make it ascend along the spine up to the area of the head, and then extend it in the whole body.
Most men don’t even dream of reaching these sexual peaks. Not only do they experience only one orgasm (and ejaculate), but they also experience it only in their genital area.
Using certain techniques you can learn to experience multiple orgasms and to extend them from the pelvic area into your whole body. This is how you can make yourself resonate with the state known as the cosmic orgasm. And once you experience such a state, you will never want to go back to what you had before.

Each man that practices sexual continence experiences these orgasmic peaks in different ways, according to one’s level of consciousness. On a physical level, men experiencing all-body orgasms perceive warmth, tingling, vibrations or even pulsations of the whole body.
Here are some direct experiences from people who have tried this:
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“I was at the very beginning of my sexual continence practice. One night, while I was making love, the intensity of the pleasure rose suddenly, and I thought I was about to ejaculate. I slowed down, and started to breathe deeply. While doing this, I became very relaxed, and I started feeling as if my whole head was electrified, as if some fine bioluminescent currents were passing through my body. I had felt a tingling on my spine all the way up to my neck. Then, I felt the tingling growing stronger, and moving on to my head. Then, the tingling grew even stronger, and reached my head. I immersed myself in a state of euphoria and bliss which I never wanted to end. It was a long orgasm. There were vibrations coming and going, and my body resounded like a bell.”
“My sexual arousal builds slower than in the case of an ejaculatory orgasm. It is also more balanced and controlled. While the sexual energy builds up inside my body, I can make it ascend along my spine, and extend inside my whole body. The purpose is not to discharge the sperm, but to perceive this energy with my whole body, to perceive the love and tenderness and expand my consciousness. Consequently, my body is much more relaxed especially during orgasm.”
“The perception of an all-body orgasm is much more complete, and subtle. The whole process is not that of a short explosion, but of a slow, intense implosion. After that, I do not feel empty, because this feeling usually appears after an explosion. In the case of an implosion, that certain something is still inside of you. There is a profound sense of satisfaction, on several levels: physical, emotional, and spiritual, and this satisfaction will go on for hours, sometimes even days.”
In the West, we have learned that orgasm equals ejaculation. However, Tantrics and Taoists have understood that orgasm is made of a pulsation and a contraction, and therefore, it may be perceived everywhere in our body.

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It is important to underline the fact that all-body orgasms are so intense that at times it is difficult to say when one ends and the other one starts.

The waves of pleasure make any attempt to “count” totally useless. Tantrics have proved that both men and women are capable of experiencing discreet (separate) orgasms, and continuous orgasms, without the discharge of the potential sexual energy.
The multiple discreet orgasms imply an orgasmic peak, followed by a slight decrease in the intensity of the feeling, immediately followed by another discreet orgasm.
The continuous multiple orgasms imply that you reach an orgasmic peak, which may grow in intensity or not, but you will still perceive the orgasmic state all the time, disregarding the fluctuations of its intensity.
Furthermore, these discreet and continuous orgasms may combine, offering you innumerable combinations of orgasmic peaks. The possibilities are infinite. The states we are discussing here are a world apart far from the six-seconds orgasm most men are accustomed to.

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You may even reach the stage when you perceive the energy flowing through your lover’s body, and her sexual energy flowing through your body. Finally, you may also perceive that the things that delimit you as “you” and her as “her” disappear.
Some men experience a feeling of union with their lover, others with the whole universe. Through the practice of sexual continence, you will learn how to live this spiritual experience over and over again.
Furthermore, this type of spiritual communion with your lover or with the universe may determine a transformation on the level of your consciousness. Therefore, in the East, sexuality was considered as part of a spiritual path, not opposed to it.