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Breathing is very important during intercourse. It connects the force centers ( chakra -s) and stimulates their activity.

Prana transported through breathing makes the body become alive, the heart open, the mind calm and the sexual energy flow freely along the spine to Sahashrara.

A short and incomplete way of breathing maintains a kind of inner contraction that blocks sensations and emotions (they remain localized instead of invading the whole being) and the mind becomes difficult to control.

To breathe incorrectly is to be divided between feeling and thinking. A profound and conscious way of breathing leads to a better correlation of mind and body.

Breathing techniques vary on how they stimulate one chakra or another, on how they bring the energy inside (meditation) or on how they externalize it (catharsis). Musicians, singers, dancers, sportsmen, yogis, zen priests, martial art specialists, tantrics, etc. know that mastering their art depends on a conscious mastery of breath.

Tantra Magazine
There are two basic types of breathing:
1. The calm breathing through the nose
It eliminates the tensions of the parasympathetic nervous system, it induces a state of introspection, concentration and meditation. It slows down the metabolic rhythm.

In yoga ( Pranayama ) and in Tantra it is used to grant control over the sexual energy. It awakens Hara and Ajna chakra. The slower it is, the more efficient it proves to be.

2. The natural (active) breathing through the mouth
It eliminates the tensions of the sympathetic nervous system and well as other toxins. It also plays a role in the expression of feelings (it is very rare that someone cries with their mouth closed).

It is characteristic to very young children and babies. It accelerates the metabolic rhythm and generates the exterior and explosive orgasm. It relaxes Manipura, opens Anahata and Visuddha chakra. The faster it is, the most efficient it proves to be.

Generally, when the breathing rhythm slows down, a being receives more vital energy (prana); when it is accelerated, it emits more vital energy.

Tantra Magazine

The interval between inhalation and exhalation (the end of the exhalation or inhalation), that can be prolonged through retention techniques, is considered to be the most adequate moment for awakening physical and psychic energies.

At the end of the inhalation, by holding the breath, the absorbed prana regenerates the entire organism, which makes the consciousness expand – the superior chakras being thus awakened.

At the end of the exhalation, Svadishtana and Muladhara are awakened by the means of the pressure of the void retention, the body being liberated from tensions and toxins.

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