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According to Taoism, we, as human beings need to feel sexual arousal daily, as it represents the life-giving force of sexual energy.

When we are sexually aroused, the amount of sexual hormones (considered in Taoism to be “the fountain of youth”) increases substantially.

Consequently, the more we become aware of it and learn how to direct it, the more we will be able to perceive this rejuvenating energy at any moment.

In order to become a multi-orgasmic man, you need to be perfectly aware of how fast you become aroused. Unfortunately, very few men pay attention to their own rhythm of sexual arousal.

Instead, they pass on from erection to ejaculation like race cars, without taking the time to notice, enjoy, and watch the road they are walking on.

In the initial stages of arousal, the penis becomes swollen, gaining in length and thickness, as the tissue is swollen with blood.

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As the penis gains in erection, the valves close the veins, preventing the blood from returning to the body. Most men and even male-babies have at least few erections at night, while dreaming.

Almost every man has had the strange experience of being incapable of getting an erection once they were with a woman. Occasional inability of getting an erection is due to what the psychologist Bernie Zilbergeld called “the penis’ wisdom”.

This fact indicates that you have to pay special attention to certain aspects in your personal relationship, or it may be a sign that you are under pressure or stressed.

If a man has repeatedly had problems in getting an erection, his problem is called impotence, a term which indicated weakness and lack of vigor.

In Tantra, this term does not exist. You may have to resort to the solo exercises in order to get a stronger erection and the lovemaking techniques for couples, and you will not have to face this problem again.

Most men believe that there are two situations: either they are aroused, or not; either they have an erection, or they do not.

During their youth, men get erections so often and so fast that it becomes difficult to distinguish between the levels of excitation.

Nonetheless, the Taoists distinguish four levels of arousal:
The first: firmness and dilatation
The second: thickness
The third: hardness
The fourth: heating

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The erection is more than a static annex, it is a process in development that reflects the level of arousal. Western doctors have recently confirmed the existence of these four levels of the erection, although they have described them in terms that are more technical.

During the first level, the penis begins to move and becomes erect. During the second, it is firm, but not hard – at least not hard enough to penetrate the woman’s vagina (unless you use the technique of Flabby Penetration).

During the third, it is erect and hard. During the fourth, it is very hard and hot. During this last stage, the testicles enter the man’s body.

If you maintain the third level, without reaching the fourth, it will be easier to avoid ejaculation. The sublimation of the sexual energy will prevent the penis from reaching the fourth level, in which it becomes harder and hot.

If you feel you are about to enter the fourth level, anxious and explosive, you have to learn to relax the pelvic muscles and thus sublimate the sexual energy more easily.