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Doctor Li-Tong-Ksuan defined 6 main ways of sexual penetration in the Taoist work known as TONG-KSUAN-TZE (7-th century):
1. Introducing the penis into the vagina slowly, completely and pushing it down, and then performing some come-and-go motions.

2. Hitting the clitoris with the penis as if you’d want to break a nut.

3. Striking the place around the clitoris with the penis as an iron bar would pound salt in a grinding mortar.

4. Inserting and removing of the penis successfully and at the same time striking the walls of the vagina like a blacksmith strikes a hot iron with a hammer.

5. Inserting the penis into the vagina in short and somewhat slower motions, like a farmer when he is preparing the land to seed a late crop.

6. The penis and vagina meet quickly and repeatedly.

Taoists have been mostly preoccupied with various penetration ways and their depth. They studied these aspects of lovemaking not only because they can cause more pleasure, but also because if these penetrations aren’t correct or deep enough, a great part of the Yin and Yang beneficial energy is lost.

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For them, sexual intercourse feels like creating electricity. If it is not done the right, the huge psychic, mental and spiritual subtle forces do not appear. This hasn’t been understood yet by contemporary sex-specialists.

Performing sexual acts like in the Taoist teachings, can help even the less sensual women be completely satisfied and happy. This makes men feel, through empathy, a very private kind of pleasure and also increases their self-confidence and virility.

The same text talks about how sexual penetrations should succeed during lovemaking in order to make it unforgettable. Profound and superficial, slow and fast, direct and oblique; sexual penetrations shouldn’t be monotonous.

This text also describes 9 other ways of sexual penetration:
1. Striking with the penis left and to right like a brave fighter strikes his enemies with his sword.

2. Using sudden motions to move the penis up and down, imitating the jump of a wild horse that has just been saddled.

3. Withdrawing and inserting the penis in a motion that is similar to a group of terns that play with the waves.

4. Alternating rapidly and unequally, deep penetrations with superficial ones, like a sparrow that is picking up seeds.

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5. Alternating regularly, deep penetrations with superficial ones, like rocks falling to the bottom of the sea.

6. Penetrating slowly, deeply and strongly like a snake that slides into its hole.

7. Penetrating the vagina with quick, shivering motions like a scared mouse that rushes into its hole.

8. Withdrawing and then striking strongly and unexpectedly with the penis against the vagina like an eagle that attacks its running prey.

9. Penetrating diagonally with the tip of the penis the lateral walls of the vagina like a bird which is flying against the wind.

All these, in a variable rhythm, intensity and depth, add wonderful experiences and unique inner nuances to the erotic act. They greatly increase the pleasure felt during intercourse.
Following these instructions will allow the man to perfectly control and maintain his erection indefinitely.