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KAMA SUTRA offers many different methods of penetration that are worth being taken into consideration. For now, we suggest one that we consider priceless – a Taoist method.

This method is based on the number nine, a number with a special magical meaning, which is considered capable of releasing Yang energy if it is used in certain proceedings.

This method consists in penetrating deeply once and 9 times quickly. The one deep penetration forces the air to leave the vagina and creates a vacuum.

Don’t get out completely because the air would get right back in. Also, keep in mind that the entrance of the vagina is extremely sensitive.

Nine superficial penetrations and a deep one create an erotic rhythm that will please your loved one very much. The vacuum has got a huge effect. It generates the desire and the need to be filled, of completion, not only energetically but also physically.

Tantra Magazine
During the pause the ardent desire to come back and meet again develops. The deep penetration increases this desire. You will fulfil this desire and then you will stimulate it again.

At approximately 2,5 cm from the entrance, inside the vagina, on the upper vaginal “wall”, there is the most sensitive zone of a woman, the famous “G-spot”. There are numerous nerve systems and NADI -s connected to this point and they spread into the entire body.

There are 9 complete sets of 9 superficial penetrations and a deep one in order to make a cycle that can release extremely powerful energies into both lovers, who will start to feel unique states of expanded consciousness.

After every deep penetration kiss your lover intensely so that her saliva, that has very much Yin energy, becomes mingled with yours. This way, you partake of this energy and stimulate your Yang energy at the same time.

You will experience extremely intense pleasure but you will have maintain permanent control of your sexual energy so that you can avoid ejaculation .

Do not hurry at all during intercourse because the woman reaches her orgasm harder than a man. The one who doesn’t know that can’t make his lover happy.

If you are too fast, the pleasure stream will not have enough time to get through the entire bio-energetic field and the sensation will remain at the genital level only.

Tantra Magazine

Every penetration is a sacred act, a revelation. The woman wakes up erotically according to her mysterious internal energetic cycle.

A quick withdrawal after a slow penetration can cause sensations that are full of pleasure. But don’t try to get out all the time; move easily especially inside the vagina.

This motion along with the woman’s physical response will allow the penis to maintain a strong contact with the clitoris, which is another powerful erogenous for women.

So feel free to explore, with patience and tenderness, all the erogenous zones of your woman.