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Mushrooms are an aliment with a high energy value. They contain great levels of protein (which made them famous as “vegetal meat”) and vitamins (B1, B2, C and pro-vitamin A) and this makes them a very useful aliment for those in need of a rich and consistent diet.

In the East, lovers traditionally use mushrooms. They are said to amplify the vital and erotic energies and at the same time they stimulate the transformation and the sublimation of these energies.

Recent studies have underlined the fact that the majority of edible mushrooms have remarkable effects in terms of organic and cerebral stimulation.

They fill our organism’s needs with minerals such as: zinc, potassium, calcium, cobalt, copper, iodine, magnesium and manganese.

They are a little harder to digest due to their richness in cellulose, therefore they should be be chewed very slowly and thoroughly.

People with weak digestive capabilities should consume less during their meals. For better digestion it is recommended to spice them up with pepperoni, pepper, savory, cumin and anise. These spices are also aphrodisiacs that harmoniously enhance erotic desires.

Mushrooms that have been preserved through drying are very consistent and effective. The mushrooms designed for drying should be fresh, young and very healthy.

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Dried mushrooms are recommended for both underweight and overweight men, as they ensure a great intake of energy that can afterwards be used on a physical or psychic level, according to each person’s needs.

Preparation is different for each type: for overweight people, dried mushrooms are more appropriate, because they can be added to raw vegetable salads. For people with a poor digestion, as previously stated, the quantity should be moderate.

Mushrooms preserved in hermetic vessels, if improperly dried or if humid become a suitable environment for very harmful micro organisms. Therefore, we recommend drying them up and storing them in paper-bags, in a dry place of course.

Final warning: as mushroom intoxications are very dangerous, sometimes even lethal, you should be extremely cautious when buying them. It is better to avoid purchasing them from doubtful sources.

Also known as an aphrodisiac and medicinal plant, celery is a traditional component used to preserve or regain one’s sexual power. It contains many minerals (calcium, phosphor, potassium, magnesium) and vitamins (B1, B2, B6, C, A).

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The leaves are recommended as spices in many re-vitalizing foods, or salads, as well as in the treatment of sexual impotence or insufficiency, especially in the case of overweight people. The fresh leaves of celery greatly stimulate hormonal activity.

The celery’s root acts as a sort of tonic, enhancing vitality and resistance to prolonged physical effort. It is also recommended in cures for purification and against obesity.

Its aperitif qualities make it an important addition to the diet of thin and weakened persons. It is especially useful in cures for increasing one’s vitality, because as previously stated, it acts as a digestive, nervous and immune system tonic.

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