The following, will present you with certain remarkable foods that have regenerative and balancing qualities for your sexual and vital potential, from an energy polarity (Yin-Yang) point of view.

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For a surplus of Yang energy, diet no. 7 of the Japanese doctor George Oshawa is quite effective. This diet lasts for ten days, during which you may only eat Yang cereals: complete wheat, complete rice, millet and buckwheat.

These cereals are boiled or broiled, adding salt according to taste. You may drink water, and when necessary, take some medicinal herbs.

This diet has ended different cases of premature ejaculation and impotence due to excessive use of alcohol and narcotics, diabetes, cancer and leuconevraxitis.

This diet is mainly recommended for people who are obese, with an excess of adipose tissue and fat. This diet improves control over the sexual and vital energy, and is extremely effective in overcoming premature ejaculation and nocturnal pollution.

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Stimulates all the vital processes and is a valuable rejuvenating aliment. If you want to increase your sexual appetite (which has gone down because of stress or states of emaciation/exhaustion), you will notice the first results after only two weeks of ingesting pollen on a daily basis.

Pollen contains many substances that play a major role in maintaining and increasing masculine potency, such as: arginine1, zinc (Zn), and other vitamins.

At the beginning of the cure with pollen you should ingest 15-20 grams per day, on an empty stomach. For better assimilation of the active substances in pollen, you should also chew it for at least 5 minutes before swallowing it.

This cure usually lasts for 14 days, but it may be prolonged for months or even years because pollen has no negative side effects.

Besides stimulating sexual activity, pollen also has other notable effects: it helps you obtain an ideal weight for your individual structure, it stimulates the mental processes, fights depression and brings harmony to your psyche.

It is also recommended for the treatment of vascular disorders caused by insufficient irrigation with blood of the pelvic area, which in time can lead to secondary impotence.

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Honey is an effective aphrodisiac for both men and women, having a profound regenerative effect. It is an extremely nutritious aliment, aiding in the increase of sexual secretions, and in smaller quantities (2 teaspoonfuls a day), it leads to adjustment of one’s body’s weight.

It is recommended that you combine honey with egg yolk, or with other refreshing foods, as well as with aphrodisiac herbs.

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Mushrooms represent a valuable aliment for people in need of a nourishing and rich diet. They are rich in proteins (and because of this are named ‘vegetal meat’) and vitamins (especially vitamins B1, B2, C, and pro vitamin A).

In the orient, they are known to amplify erotic and vital energy, and at the same time stimulate the transformation and sublimation of these energies.

Also, recent research has proven that the majority of eatable mushrooms have beneficialial effects related to organic and mental stimulation. They are highly recommended for people confronted with sexual disorders due to convalescence or poor diet.

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Famous as an aphrodisiac plant, celery is a traditional aliment for maintaining and regaining sexual vigor. The leaves are recommended as spices for many kinds of food, or in different vegetable salads (quite useful in rejuvenating cures as well – especially for overweight people). Raw celery leaves are an excellent stimulant for hormonal activity.

The celery root has an overall tonic effect, increasing vitality and resistance to effort. It is an excellent depurate and it is therefore recommended in cures of detoxification and against obesity.

Celery is a vegetable recommended for slender people, owing to its aperitif qualities and because it improves e digestion. It is highly recommended in vitality cures as well, because it acts as a tonic for the digestive, nervous and immune systems.

It is indicated in cases of impotence due to kidney and urinary disorders, as well as cardiovascular disorders. It fights against states of physical, psychic and sexual asthenia.

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Nuts highly energizing. They are recommended as aphrodisiacs for both men and women, and especially for people dealing with physical weakness, critical assimilation of food and anemia.

They also increase the quantity of sperm produced by the testicles.
Nuts are ideal for replacing meat in alimentation.

They are rich in vitamin B12, which is why they are recommended as a basic element in the treatment of impotence and sterility.They are effective medicine for treating uncontrolled nocturnal urination.

Nuts are recommended for people who work intensely, physically and mentally. The energy found in nuts is mainly Yang, and consequently, eating nuts increases your Yang energy.