The Kapha archetype excels at being calm and collected. Dont try to irritate him because you wont succeed. In fact, his contagious silence may soon catch on to you.

The profoundness of his states do not allow him to get angry at small daily details. His fidelity, his devotion and the depth of his feelings can impress any woman.

He is an impressive presence with a great impact on both the physical and the mental level. He is very perseverant, and his great vitality helps him finish all his actions.

It is hard to challenge him to join you in erotic plays, but once you succeed it is equally hard for you to stop him. If you want to arouse him be sure that you are in good shape because he is like a marathon runner of lovemaking!

He easily awakens in his beloved the wish to abandon herself, because he knows how to make her feel protected and secure.

The following herbs develop and amplify your resonance with the masculine Kapha archetype and also improve sexual vitality:

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1. GINSENG (PANAX QUINQUEFOLIUS), ruled by the Sun, it has been used (especially the root) since ancient times for increasing sexual potency.

We can call it, without exaggerating, the king of aphrodisiacs, thanks to its deeply revitalizing and regenerative effect that it has on the genitals and on all the components of the body and mind.

It is very useful for men trying to gain weight.

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2. CALTROP (TRIBULIS TERESTRIS) has a deeply relaxing effect that allows a natural behavior to manifest and to maintain one’s inner peace even during unpleasant confrontations.

This herb is recommended for men facing relational problems and who have unnatural reactions, maybe even violent tendencies.

It strengthens the masculine reproductive system, and it increases the quantity of sperm. You should use it in cases of sterility or impotence.

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3. LOTUS SEEDS AND ROOT (NELUMBO NUCIFERA) are regenerative tonics and are recommended in cases of spermathorea (loss of sperm).

The seeds awaken the heart center (Anahatha Chakra) and amplify the state of devotion and spiritual prosperity that are Kapha qualities.

The roots awaken Muladhara Chakra, increase vitality and should be used in cases of impotence.

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3. SAFFRON (CROCUS SATIVA) can be used for awakening some Kapha aspects. It amplifies devotion and the power to forgive as well.

It is recommended to obstinate, tensioned, vengeful men who cannot forgive and forget the ones who wronged them or who hindered them from doing something.

The best way to take the herbs is as a dry powder. You should keep this powder under your tongue for 15 20 minutes, four times a day, for at least 23 months.

A small secret: the herbs presented in this article can be used to awaken certain qualities of the masculine archetype but also by women wishing to seduce, through resonance, men belonging to that specific archetype!

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