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His look is almost irresistible!

If you are a woman and such a man is looking at you, you may feel how thousands of fire arrows leave his eyes, penetrate your heart, and your body is suddenly overwhelmed by a pleasant, even orgasmic heat.

You feel how you are reborn, metamorphosed in his eyes, how you start to burn with love. The Pitta man has the power to awaken the fire of passion in the woman he loves.

He has a great intelligence and a radiant appearance that is immediately noticed. He is endowed with a great power to act and to focus so that he easily becomes successful in his social life. He is not afraid of a womans refusal and her whims are but a challenge to him.

He likes to live everything at the highest intensity. His exemplary self control and the great power of inner transformation propel him towards a rapid spiritual evolution.

He has a great courage and leadership qualities. The well-known hypnotists and great army leaders belong to this category of masculine archetypes.

Here are some herbs that develop and amplify your resonance with the hot qualities of the Pitta archetype and grant the ability to transmute the reproductive fluids (the sperm, in a mans case).

Tantra Magazine

1. SWEET BASIL (OCIMUM BASILICUM) is a masculine herb ruled by Mars. It amplifies the subtle energy of fire in its different aspects: fire of passion, the fire of love, of intelligence and of spiritual aspiration.

Thus, it has a deeply purifying effect (it burns impurities) and intensifies the brightness of the aura; it is also used for removing bad spirits.

Sweet basil is recommended for cold men who are afraid to open themselves emotionally or erotically to their beloved woman or to those who have digestive or breathing problems caused by their attachments or anxieties.

Tantra Magazine

2. GINGER (ZINGIBER OFFICINALE) is a herb that greatly amplifies the resonance with the subtle energy of the fire.

It awakens Manipura Chakra, courage and the power to act. It is recommended for men who cannot mobilize themselves, who are distant and uncaring, hiding their vulnerability behind a mask of an emotional coldness.

Tantra Magazine

3. HAWTHORN (CRATAEGUS OXYCANTHA), ruled by Mars, it facilitates the sublimation of violent tendencies (anger, irritation etc) and their transformation into ardent love.

It is recommended for men who became isolated after an emotional failure and who (because of this unhappy experience) suffer from cardiovascular disorders (especially palpitation, tachycardia, hyper or hypotension).

Tantra Magazine

4. SWEET MARJORAM (ORIGANUM MAJORANA) it is a masculine herb that warms one up.

It harmonizes the subtle energy of fire especially on the mental level and it is well known for its sedative, calming, analgesic effect.

It is recommended for depressed men or for ones who have become contracted with physical or psychic pain. Many traditions assert that it heals pains and brings happiness to its users.

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