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Basically, they are dried grapes. They contain a great quantity of sugars, a reason for which they are already quite famous as aphrodisiacs and quite energizing as well. They are recommended for overweight men, with lots of adipose tissue.

In a daily diet, they successfully replace refined sugar and the sweets made from it. They are ingredients of certain aphrodisiac recipes, alongside honey, cocoa, germinated wheat and aphrodisiac spices.

They are used in rejuvenating cures, or in the raw-fruit and vegetable diets for their high energy in-take.

They are a Yang aliment.

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They may be consumed raw or dried. When fresh, the figs have diuretic and purifying qualities, and are of great help in detoxifying cures.

When dried, they have a high level of sugar, 62-80 %, and are a remarkable aphrodisiac aliment. They also contain vitamins A, B1, B2, P, C and minerals that have an important role in preserving the sexual function of the organism: calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, and phosphor.

Figs are useful for the treatment of vascular impotence, for the states of asthenia, physical weakness, and lack of vitality.

For overweight people, we recommend figs be used with moderation.

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In tropical countries it is largely used for increasing one’s sexual strength. Also, the pineapple has a relatively high level of sugars, 16-19 %. It contains vitamins A, C and some of the complex B vitamins.

It contains the following minerals: magnesium, potassium, manganese, phosphor, and iron. It also contains a certain digestive agent that helps the digestion of proteins, and therefore it is recommended for people with digestion and metabolism disorders.

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In ancient Greece, they were considered a symbol of vitality and fertility. The bright red color of its core caused its association with the color of blood, a symbol of life itself.

Despite its fame, this fruit was not properly studied by the nutritionists. However, it is appreciated because of certain agents and bitter substances that grant it tonic, anti-infectious and immune-system stimulating properties. It is especially indicated for fighting asthenia, obesity and intoxications.

Eastern medicine recommends pomegranates for men predisposed towards inactivity, sleepiness and apathy.

Fasting implies not eating or drinking anything except water for 24 hours in a row. In moderation, fasting can also have aphrodisiac like effects.

Fasting is one of the best remedies against impotence in the case of obese people, or people who have consumed unhealthy food and alcohol for a long time.

It is indicated as a quick and very effective means of detoxifying for people who abused powerful and noxious aphrodisiacs such as drugs and certain alcoholic drinks.

For men suffering from premature ejaculation, lack of appetite, sleepiness or apathy we recommend two days of fasting per week, along with an intense process of amplifying your solar energy through Taoist or yogic procedures and techniques. We also recommend it for people who cannot control their temper, having uncontrolled states of anger, or irritability.

Its purifying effects are plenty, and thus, even allopathic medicine recommends it, under the name of “complete alimentary repose”. Furthermore, during acute phases of infectious diseases fasting is recommended because the organisms energy is no longer directed towards the digestive process, but towards defending against the invading micro-organisms.

Some Taoist masters recommend that all men fast one day per week, in order to “clear their minds and their emotions”.

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