SEXUAL CONTINENCE is the restraint, retention and total and conscious control over the sexual function, for both man and woman, while making love, experiencing an unlimited number of orgasms which are never accompanied by ejaculation or explosive discharge. This superior mode of experiencing the sexual act does not produce exhaustion and at the same time permits the biological TRANSMUTATION of the sexual potential (sperm and sexual fluids) in superior forms of vital, psychical, mental and spiritual energy. This type of control over the sexual energy while making love is specific to the Taoist tradition which pursues the realization of a perfect balance and polarization on multiple levels of the YANG (+, masculine) and YIN (-, feminine) energies in the being. As a result the sexual union is complete in every respect, at the end there the lovers are not sleepy and exhausted but full of force and energy, the woman naturally avoids unwanted pregnancy without any use of contraceptives, the woman can have orgasms as many times as she wants and the couple’s harmony is very much increased.Usually women have a natural capacity for the spontaneous accomplishment of the SEXUAL CONTINENCE and this allows in many cases the experience of multiple orgasms without any sexual loss. For men, the practice of SEXUAL CONTINENCE requires a certain training, gradually obtaining a state of equilibrium between his YANG (+) and YIN (-) energies.The permanent use of SEXUAL CONTINENCE is a common practice in HATHA YOGA and Taoism. The experience of SEXUAL CONTINENCE in couple conducts to the understanding that sexuality is so much more than its biological component – it is a fusion by resonance on multiple levels of the two lovers.Biologically, the SEXUAL CONTINENCE represents a cyclical ascending process in many stages : a) the excitation phase b) the plateau phase c) the actual coitus d) the avoidance of ejaculation accompanied by the gradual TRANSMUTATION of an minute quantity of sexual fluids; e) the orgasm f) after 15-30 minutes, there is another phase of avoidance of ejaculation also accompanied by the TRANSMUTATION of a part of the sexual potential; g) the second orgasm which is much deeper than the first one.If the man and woman successfully control their sexual potential, thanks to SEXUAL CONTINENCE, their love making can go on indefinitely in time. Their love then is an eternal beginning – never getting old, and they can experience the cosmic love. Tantra considers that the sublime, transfiguratory love making is a path of self discovery and spiritual improvement.”When love infinite, the impossible becomes easily possible”.SEXUAL CONTINENCE leads to the transcending of the common limitations of the human being and expansion of the subtle energy body into the Infinite. The never ending erotic union becomes a state of grand blissful expansion; thanks to the SUBLIMATION of the sexual energy, the biological act is replaced by an energy fusion of cosmic proportions and the common human couple is superannuated by a new, sacred, ideal couple.The amplified sensuality of couples practicing SEXUAL CONTINENCE can even generate the state of SAMADHI – the perfect yogic ecstasy, conducting the couples from a normal, sensorial experience to a super-normal, extra-sensorial one, transcending the normal consciousness and experiencing the spiritual illumination.This extraordinary love making technique is sometimes capable of initiating the awakening of the supreme individual energy – KUNDALINI SHAKTI – creating the premises for a very fast spiritual evolution. By practicing SEXUAL CONTINENCE without interruption for at least 9 months we reach a GOD-like state and get very close to the supreme spiritual liberation.