Posture. At the origins this term meant the place where the yogi is seated, but at this moment it’s most widely accepted significance is that of “pose”. The practice of these physical poses is a fundamental stage in many branches of the yoga system and is considered to be absolutely necessary for the approach of the superior levels. The Yoga Sutras, a classical yoga manual, affirms that the posture must be firm and comfortable. The yogi must be relaxed while executing asanas, keeping their spine, neck and head in a straight line. The modern Hatha Yoga manuals describe at least 200 such yogic postures. Hatha yoga Pradipika affirms that the regular practice of asana induces a state of stability, good health and gives brilliance to the physical body. Asanas have complex physiological, energetic, psychic, mental and spiritual effects. Some asanas are used for meditation. They induce very elevated states of consciousness.