Those two? Two gods that took human appearance only to show people the divine love…Two angels dressed as humans just to show them how beautiful love is. When they meet the skies open up and that over-whitened light comes down in order to create a special place only for them…

His smile gives birth to sublime, but unknown to anybody else worlds and her smile fills everything with joy and laughter. Flowers open up their petals, trees bend their leaves for her to caress them, birds fly to the blue sky with no fear at all.

They know that Sun shines only to give them a day of light and that Moon comes up to give them nights filled with love. His sweet, loving words surrounthose two? two godsd her like a clear summer rain. She is the only one that forgot the human speech and this is why her answers are sometimes like lilies, other times like a swan silent song.

“Did you look for me? I was here. Too close to your soul to even notice that there was somebody else like you. My beloved man, your arms surround me like two powerful waves. They get me, lift me…play with me and thrill me…They are the thrills that Eros himself had sent to me… love thrills…”

“My love, I would like to become the earth that you step on only to be able to caress your insteps; I would like to become the air to be able to feel your breath and your chest. If only I were the fire that warms your heart and surrounds your soul so ardent! Or a spring with clear waters so that I could sweeten your exaltation…”

That is the way they were talking to each other and that is how they loved each other…the two of them…two gods that left Olympus behind only for a moment in order to be…humans! They didn’t want anything else but long loving moments and that was exactly what they got: love, LOVE…

Their pleasures made the South wind to blow gently, their kisses made the clouds up the sky take the shape of their hearts, and their embraces made time stay still. Their love was responsible for bringing together spaces that had never encountered before and for giving birth to new WORLDS again and again.

Had anyone seen such love before? They were two humans…like two gods, a single love inside two souls just like two rays of the same star. Had anyone seen it?

“Where is this fairy-tale coming from?”, somebody wondered one day. “Where and when? Is it from a human’s or a god’s heart? Is it from love…or maybe from eternal bliss?”

Go and seek the answer to this question and do not stop until you do! Find those two gods. Look for them extremely carefully because they are hidden, maybe right inside yourselves!