A beautiful woman with bright eyes and an amazon-shaped body was wandering on a beach with cold and wet sand. The moonlight protected her steps towards unknown and the unrestrained desire, which passionately sprang out of her heart, was chasing her steps towards a place known only to it. What was going to happen in her life? She didn’t know, but she felt that this magic night she would really understand what the present means.

Suddenly, a warm breeze shrouded her softly, tenderly caressing her hot body. But everything around this woman turned into intense passion, burning desire, mystical fire.

Touched by her body, the wind lost his temper and started to fret her dress savagely hoping that he would eventually tear it out of her body. The woman with strong thighs and rousing eyes took part in his game and swiftly removed the buttons of her dress from the pressure of the belts. And the wind took her dress as a memory for eternity.

Naked, she collapsed heartily on the wet and cold sand that the fever of her body woke from the numbness of the night. So much sensuality and passion dwelled inside this woman.

She closed her eyes and abandoned herself to the crazy game of the wind. This night she will be his. And who knows if there will be some more afterwards? She conceived the overwhelming force of the present as a unique reality.

The wind, touched by her supreme devotion, covered her with soft caresses from toes to head, thrilling every little part of her inviting body. She vibrated at his every touch, thus inciting him to continue the magic game with a neverending desire. And he kept caressing her, for he was master of touching and never got tired of caressing. All her senses were awakened beyond the boundaries of imagination: sweet perfumes thrilled her enlarged nostrils, lofty sounds vibrated in her temples, sweet and cool nectars feed her hot body, worlds full of superb things galloped behind her eyelids closed for the outside world. Everything led her towards the origin of creation but the wind knew best the way to the glory of the beginning.

The woman being overwhelmed by sensuality and love widely opened her legs, letting the pleasure turned into sexual fluids flow through the gate of delight. So many springs hide inside a woman, not even the wind knew this.

Then the wind filled with a divine passion penetrated her strongly up to the place where life comes into being. That moment the woman and the wind embraced for eternity merged into the light of endless love.