She was the living embodiment of innocence. 16 is the age that gives tremors at the thought of unknown embraces.

For her, lovemaking was merely a mysterious reflection of an unconscious, impalpable attraction that she used to feel around some men.

She was aware that it was more than she imagined, more than she knew, more than she felt at the moment, an inexhaustible world of desires and passion to which she did not have access yet.

She decided on several occasions to take over the fascinating realm of Eros, but she had to face an indistinct doubt in which she lost all her courage.

Andros had her back turned to her. She could distinguish the contour of his body in the dim light of the lamp. His presence made her feel unbelievably pleasant sensations.

This time she has made up her mind: “All the way!”. He was the first man that made her feel the irresistible call of love. She has read about it, but she never thought it would be so intense.

She felt the warm pulsation of her own body, and her legs were excited by the soft touch of the sofa. Her entire body became a murmur of voluptuousness.

She knew nothing of the secrets of lovemaking, yet she inferred that this anxiousness of the pleasure awaiting her, this fire of anticipated pleasures and caresses was the starting point in the supreme game of passion.

He touched her round knees and looked into her soft eyes. Then he pulled her over to him. An embrace, a collapse on the bed, two bodies coming together as one kiss.

He touched her with the tips of his fingers, and touched her more and more, as she almost begged for ore and more… her body vibrated with pleasure and she felt being taken away in a whirl of sensations.

The caress went up under her blouse, touched her firm breasts, careful not to miss a spot, a place. Her breasts responded equally, as they were so careful not to miss one divine caress.

He explored slowly the softness of her arms, the arch of her thighs, the soft curve of her hips. At one time she felt a passionate thrill all over her body.

Andros read her ardent desire in her eyes, and she felt happy. There was no return. She let herself into his arms, and he, in a tempestuous adoration placed his lips on her trembling breast and designed its contour with his lips and tongue, first slowly, then faster and faster.

She loved this “dialogue” of their bodies, but beyond the amazing pleasure caused by this inventive man, she felt a tremendous need to be herself the cause of his pleasure.

She turned her waist arching her body and offering him a new horizon of voluptuousness. She felt she was an initiate in the art of lovemaking. She had the talent.

Now, as any other artist she sought the perfection of her art. She put her lips on his ear, giving her tongue the movements of a butterfly wing. Her deep moans were calling for his whispers of love.

She succeeded. She succeeded in imposing the rhythm she desired. She has already learned the rite of intensifying the pleasure. She was just as a perfect mistress, attentive to offer pleasure, ready to go all the way.

She has transformed into a flame, dissolving into a vibration that seemed ready to start an earthquake or maybe a storm. All of a sudden, she became fully aware of the presence of his vigorous, nude body.

Her fantasies were now left behind. She was right in the middle of the most objective, limpid reality she has ever experienced. She was waiting. She was waiting for him. He slipped his arm underneath her waist in a close grip and …entered her.

She began to move, she felt like a bread breaking on the altar of love. His erect penis was penetrating her deeper and deeper, in a continual embrace.

She felt a shiver all over her body. First, a sharp pain that almost cut her in two. Then, without warning, she was taken over by a sensation that she has never experienced so far.

It was as if a wave of pleasure was passing over her, from head to toes and from toes to head, at its own will. It was an ecstatic pleasure full of mystery.

She felt nothing human anymore: no human pleasure or pain. Only a delicious mixture of sensations that transposed her into a mysterious realm. They were so closely united, moving in the same rhythm, ecstatically.

They were contemplating each other, moving, connected through their pleasure. The same light was embellishing their faces, like a piece tore from the eternity.