If someone asked me where I would most like to make love to my lover, I would answer that I would like this to happen in a certain place, somewhere in the heaven on earth. I imagine this place as a kind of island, a place where God dropped the most wonderful things of His Creation, almost like a realm of the angels, offered to those who love. There I would like to wait for my lover in the twilight of the day.

And there I am waiting for him. The hot weather from outside makes me lie naked on the still hot sand, makes me feel how the water of the sea is caressing my whole body, as if it wanted, just like the wind, to put out the fire which is turning me on. Nevertheless, they incite me more. The sensual odour of flowers and exotic fruits is thrilling my body, which is full of desires. I am incited by the only thought that my lover will come soon and I feel as if he were already there. I start to caress myself softly, then more and more passionately, burning with the impatience to feel my lover in his whole splendour and immensity, becoming one with me.

Embraced by the waving motions of the sea, which keep shrouding me ceaselessly, I call my lover. I open my eyes and, drunk by everything around me, I feel my eyelids heavy, wanting to take all this outside splendour to the inside of my being. Through sensual and full of love motions I call my lover.

But he stays still watching me, contemplating me. Then, suddenly, I feel covered by garlands of flowers and by hot kisses and then I give my whole self to him. My eyelids are heavier and heavier and then they close. Now my body sees him and deeply feels his touching. I want him the way a flower wants light and the warmth of the sun, the way a bird wants to fly.

I’m thirsty for you, my lover and my whole being shows you this. I feel the way you look at me sometimes, unexpectedly, I feel that you are really plunged into myself and a boundless happiness overwhelms my whole being.

Then I feel as if I were one with the earth, with the flowers, with the sea, with the wind, with God. I feel there is nothing else any longer but love, love, and love everywhere.