I knew that a special night was about to start and I thought of preparing him a surprise. I went to the bathroom and threw a few petals of roses in the tube and poured a few drops of mint oil.

I knew those would relax us. Then I put the champagne in the cooler and lighted all the candles I had. There were two minutes left until his arrival. While turning off the water in the tube, I heard the doorbell ring, letting me know he was there.
“Hello, love!”, he said, offering me a red rose and giving me a long and passionate kiss. I was throbbing with lust. I took him directly in the bathroom.

We started to kiss hungrily and, on a guitar music, I started a strip-tease show for him. There were mirrors and candles everywhere…the mirrors reflected our bodies from different intimate angles.

He was looking at me fascinated…I was waving my hips in the most arousing way, taking his clothes off very slowly. I unbuttoned his shirt, gently scratching his tanned chest.

He kissed my neck and my breasts passionately, caressing my hips and my butt cheeks. Then I started to unbutton his blue jeans…his sex got out of his tight pants.

I stripped him completely and started to caress him. Then I started to roll my pantyhose with precise movements. I myself was amazed of the beauty of my breasts, while caressing them.

The mirrors were silently reflecting me from all the angles…he could see me in a most wonderful play of light and shadow. Although only a few minutes had passed, we were extremely impatient.

We got into the minty tube that relaxed and cooled our hot bodies. I poured champagne in glasses and clinked. “For us! For our eternal love!”

Then, he started to use the water jet in order to massage my neck, my breasts, my belly, my hips, while I was taking delight in each of his movements. When he placed the shower in front of my sex, I quivered.

I was devouring his manhood, while the shower started a real storm inside me. It felt hot and cold at the same time.

Realizing that I was about to have an orgasm, he penetrated me deeply, in a savage, but also tenter gesture. We went on for hours and hours, out of time and space. All the candles melted, but our love flourished and will never end.