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The marriage institution works less and less satisfying as compared to the past. If we consider the inconstancy of our feelings, the difficult communication with the beloved one, how easily we get divorced, we realize that this social constituent rarely confers us through itself a token for security, happiness and lasting satisfaction in a couple.

Moreover, nowadays, there are many people for whom the words husband and wife designate boredom or confinement.

But when the two lovers add inspiration and passion to their love and effort, their relationship becomes a sacred alchemy that unites the earth and sky.

The human experience in the social life shows that, in most of their cases, love without marriage seems to be only inspiration and passion and marriage without love only effort and discipline.

That is very little if we consider the countless and wonderful possibilities of manifestation and evolution of a couple.

The marriage makes love conscious; and it is like an alchemical pot that forces the love of the two to continuously elevate, if it is protected and supported by the power of the initial commitment of staying together:

We wont abandon and hurt one another; we wont allow our relation to weaken through habit and routine or to be destroyed through lack of attention or carefulness; we will solve all conflicts and we wont let the obstacles break us up; thus, we want to help each another and to develop our best human qualities.

Such a commitment helps us to understand that a lasting relation can exist only if based on trust and respect.

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In order to develop such a state we need a mind capable of comprising and protecting this process of opening. Hurrying to find new lovers when facing problems or complaining to our friends about our beloved one, instead of talking to her/him, is not a solution.

Marriage is not only a connection between two souls, but also a uniting point where two karma-ic streams contact. (This is what the Zen marriage tradition asserts).

Two people following a spiritual path should be prepared to say when getting married: My being is prepared to accept your karma-ic limits which will thus become a constituent part of the assiduous work on myself in order to lovingly, humbly, respectfully and devotedly reach God.

To love your beloved one for better and for worse means to open your soul to her/him, but, in a more complex way, that implies the acceptance of all karma-ic obstacles that may cause sufferance.

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