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The word hierarchy (from the Greek hieros sacred, and arche – order) designates the concept of sacred order.

For must of us this term is associated only to a pyramidal type order of the interpersonal relations (social or other ones) having on its top the most important man from a social point of view.

But such a structure does not use wisdom as an ordering principle. For example, in the patriarchal families, the woman and children had to unconditionally obey the husbands (fathers) decisions whether they were right or not.

From obvious causes, this kind of hierarchical domination has played havocs in the process of time and today it is not used except for some areas where the simpleness of the human interactions, the lack of culture make the evolved systems unnecessary.

The solution is as flexible as possible relations, through which the two lovers are encouraged to awaken and harmonize their potentialities.

If we study the natural ordering scheme of all the alive forms we notice that the more developed structures (like the organs from a body) rule and integrate other structures with a simpler functions (like cells) so that the entire body functions better.

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A mandala is made up of such multiple hierarchical structures. Just like a cell, it has a strongly structures center which is insidiously charged and around which the elements are ordered, from the center to the periphery according to the divine laws of manifestation (so that we could simply think: naturally).

How could such a structure (hierarchy) work in the case of marriage? We should start by admitting that the central concept that rules the mission of our couple must be a certain form of wisdom or a sublime ideal.

Then we should humbly accept that none of two can exclusively and permanently approach this guiding wisdom and doesnt always manifest the qualities of a more elevated conscience.

Each of the two faces circumstances when she/he or both of them are powerful or weak, clear-minded or confused, expert or ignorant.

But, after we acknowledged our own and the other ones qualities and potentialities, each of us should let himself be guided by the other one on that level that he masters better.

For example, if a woman lives more intense and elevated emotional states then her husband, it is natural, beneficialial and useful for him to accept her as a master or initiator instead of making her adjust to his emotional rigidity.

It is an easy and efficient way of acquiring the type of force the other one manifests more easily thanks to her/his inborn qualities.

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The man and the woman who does not respect the other ones wisdom and inborn force, disturbs the natural hierarchy (see again the definition of hierarchy) of their relation.

For example, a man who does not appreciate the female qualities of his lover, in fact, despises himself. He uses his yang force to dominate her undermining the woman within himself, and thus, gradually, destroying all the chances of a creative union.

In her turn, the woman who ignores the masculine power of her lover despises her own yang energy. The consequence is a gradual decrease of the intensity of the subtle connection that unites them.

When the natural hierarchy is disturbed, the resultant disharmony influences each member of the family.

On the contrary, the union becomes sacred when the two aspire to evolve spirituality, when they respect each other, admit the other ones qualities and wish to valorize them together.

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