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When a man and a woman who unite their lives through marriage are satisfied only with a mixture of opposite or even contradictory forces, what happens between them is almost chaotic.

On the contrary, a marriage lived according to the structure of a mandala is like a practice of mastering the chaos, so that the relationship develops and cant be destroyed.

This is possible when the couple creates a sacred context, establishing some rules and agreeing on a central principle that will guide their love for example, the awakening of the soul, the search for their inner potential.

From an esoteric point of view, the practice of marriage can be similar to a meditation. Thus, when you are in a meditation pose and you start to mediate, a wave of thoughts, feelings and fantasies overwhelm you.

Sometimes, you see your entire life passing in front of your eyes. Everything seems a complete chaos but the meditation pose (in which you have to keep you back straight and to focus on breathing) already creates a formal barrier that allows you to master and to control this chaos.

From this point of view, meditation is a rediscover of the state of inner calm and peace; on the contrary, an ignorant or a will lacking man lets his spirit wander.

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This is wasting time, energy, opportunities, etc, or, in other words, life. But the chaos from our mind can be precisely framed, that is, it can be mastered through an adequate mobilization and focus of attention.

As a sacred Microcosm , the marriage helps us to become aware of the manifestations of this chaos. It allows us to work more efficiently on our inner life and on our lovers aspects of character that we acknowledge thanks to this marriage.

A couple that is aware of the sacred space created through their marriage can use all these turbulent energies that appear as fuel.

Moreover, instead of allowing our marriage to become an expression of the traditional commonplace, we can use it in order to awaken our undreamt potential forces, which we can then use with wisdom and love.

Turning our marriage into a mandala can be very helpful: the so considered wild energies which might seem impossible to control, veritable karma -ic breakings outs can manifest now in this space without practically being a problem, as here everything is perceived like a cosmic dance (thus a manifestation precisely ordered according to some immutable laws), in which we are a constituent part.

The mutual commitment of a marriage creates a boundary and a melting pot in which two beings can play with the energies manifesting between them and practice in order to elevate them.

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An ordering, guiding principle is needed to create a mandala. Then, which could be this unifying center, this supporting point than can help us face our inner chaos?

In the Buddhist Tibetan tradition, the central point of any mandala is represented by a deity surrounded by all the elements of the Universe, thus symbolizing a very high state of wisdom that facilitates a complete integration in the Divine Truth and Order.

Similarly, this means that we must consider the truth and wisdom in any relation and even more in a marriage relation. Our adhesion to the order within the sacred space allows then the corresponding energies to manifest.

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