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Answer the following questions in order to find out more about your sensuality and passion:

1. You have a weakness for:
a. chocolate
b. yoghurt
c. salad

2. When it is full moon:
a. you are very disturbed
b. you feel a little different
c. you feel as well as always

3. Your lips:
a. have both the same thickness
b. your inferior lip is thicker than the superior one
c. are quite thin

4. You feel the most intense erotic sensations:
a. without condom
b. with condom
c. it makes no difference to you

5. You would rather:
a. drink a raw yolk
b. drink a glass of olive oil
c. eat the skin of the milk

6. The perfume you use:
a. is always the most natural
b. is always the same
c. you often change it

7. You feel more inspired to make love:
a. in the kitchen
b. in the train
c. in nature

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8. The biscuits you have for breakfast:
a. you dip them in the cup of milk
b. you eat them as they are
c. you rarely eat biscuits

9. You have already been to watch:
a. sexy shows
b. horse races
c. rock music concerts

10. You are mostly afraid of:
a. being in the crowd
b. above the abyss
c. seeing blood

11. The moment you prefer is:
a. the morning freshness
b. the night, when everybody is asleep
c. the sunset

12. You often have dreams:
a. in which you are naked
b. in which you fly
c. in which you fall

13. A platonic love with a person of the opposite sex is:
a. inconceivable
b. always unclear
c. perfectly possible

14. If you could return after death again in this world, you would do it as:
a. an angel
b. a vampire
c. a ghost

15. When you think of your own childhood, the first things that you remember are:
a. the places
b. the smells
c. the people (except for your parents and your relatives)

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16. Your zodiac sign is:
a. Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus
b. Aries, Leo, Saggitarius, Virgo
c. Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Capricorn

17. You are thrilled when you think of:
a. bees
b. snakes
c. spiders, especially the big and hairy ones

18. Before making love, you would rather:
a. have some sweets
b. drink something
c. wash your teeth

19. You almost feel like crying when:
a. listening to good music
b. watching a sad movie
c. reading a love story

20. You have certainly discovered new pleasures and you really feel like making love in a pool full of:
a. champagne
b. fresh milk
c. olive oil

Add two points for each chosen (a), one point for each (b), and zero points for each (c). Find out the sum and thus you will discover how sensual you are.

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From 0 to 13 points
You over-judge things. What dictates your actions are your neurons not your hormones, you don’t feel your body well enough and you are not aware of the sensations you live.

You don’t let yourself live freely and joyfully. This suggests asceticism and austerity. Your most sensitive aspect is the sight. As for the rest you are soon bothered by the usual stimulus, by eccentric challenges or too strong smells.

Your tastes are rather fade, and you have lots of repulsion that sometimes become phobia. Your world is more or less open to what is new. For example, you do not frequently have the idea to walk with bare feet in the the morning dew, to through yourself in the mud, and take a bath there without considering the rational reasons.

Generally, you prefer what is dry and you avoid what is moist. You do not like crazy things, cream cakes, puffy omelet, passionate kisses.

Sexually, you are not often exotic. You kill your your sensations, you get easily disgusted and you preserve yourself a world that is familiar to you.

You are rarely exuberant. A long abstinence does not scare you, as the sexual life is not essential to you. You can overcome these pleasures like any other pleasure.

Your nourishment, your joys, are rather spiritual, cultural (you could be a passionate reader), or you could be interested in practical things (a well done thing can give you much satisfaction).

From 14 to 27 points:
You feel good as you are. Your body and your mind come harmoniously together and you have a well developed body consciousness. Your senses are sources of pleasure.

You can voluptuously abandon yourself on a couch to listen to a pleasant music, or to be hugged by a person of opposite sex. You can comfortable live life and can take advantage of its favorite moments.

You are not moody as for at the pleasures are concerned, you simply enjoy them. Your sensuality is tolerant (you appreciate contrasts, diversity, variations) and always stable. You have the same alive appetite both for the gastronomic pleasures and for the erotic ones. Sometimes you make excesses and generally you are restrained.

Though curious about all the sensations, you do not worship them and do not let them control your life. Generally, your body and your senses do not betray you.

You have a good intuition about people and situations. When they bother you, it means that you have ignored what your common sense had warned you. Count on the first impression that you have.

Sexually, you have like all the others, your ups and downs, but a long chastity worries you. Your hormonal passions has its limits though. You cannot imagine life without love and lovemaking without desire.

From 28 to 40 points
You are sensual to your tiptoes. There are your body and your senses the first talk to you, creating veritable symphonies (sometimes, with some discordant sounds).

Being very voluptuous, you are made to look for and taste anything that flatters your sensuality. You sacrifice yourself in front of your wishes and you cannot see further that your own pleasure.

I am in the mood is your favorite refrain. There isn’t one single moment when you don’t feel tempted by something, from an ice cream till the one selling it.

It is obvious that you cannot stand frustrations. Your desires are immediate (you don’t like to wait), demanding (you cannot take no for an answer). As you cannot satisfy your wishes (and who could?), you often feel frustrated. This generates excessive eating.

You over eat (especially if you are close to 40 points), may be you even smoke, drink alcohol; you are addicted to fashion, etc.

Sex is very important to you. You cannot neglect it. Anyway, not too long. One month of abstinence is an eternity to you.

Intoxicated by love, you sometimes imagine that there is love where they are only some intense sensations. You take desire for love.