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Regarding the sensual massage, the maximum effect can be obtained by following these steps:

1. The general overall massage
2. The massage of the erogenous areas. The awakening and stimulation of the erogenous areas, generally known, and the exploration of the individual erogenous map.
3. The massage of the genital area. The return to the sexual area with exciting maneouvres:
a. the exterior genital massage
b. the interior genital massage

During the intercourse and especially during the foreplay the sensual massage is a very efficient support and a general stimulant for the energetical and nutrient functions.

It will also increase the tonus of the muscular fibres, the libido and the amplitude of the movements. It makes changes related to the connection between the physical and psychical aspects, harmonizing the two.

The massage becomes specific according to the temperamental type of the beloved one.

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Some persons may encounter “psychical obstacles”, followed by “motive obstacles”, lethargy and apathy being caused by a too high level of erotic feeling or by the fear of an amorous failure.

The “pshychical obstacles” manifest on a physical level through contractions and myalgia in the sacral area.

Thus, the powerful impulses released by the psychical exhaustion in the teguments, joints and muscles recoil on the periphery.

An inhibited person has a kind of lethargy manifested through the inharmoniousness between the will effort and the slowness of answers, or even by the lack of initiative.

In this case, the folowing stimulating techniques should be applied:
1. softenings made rhythmically and with an increased intensity
2. friction
3. kneading
4. battement

The duration of these “alive”, energetical maneuvres will be short. They should be applied on stiff areas.

Other persons, on the contrary, are nervous, they have got the “starting fever”. The “adaptation crises” to the emotional stress affects not only the psychic but also the neuromuscular, endocrine-metabolic and cardiac-breathing levels. All these cases generate and explain most of the temporary impotence “incidents”.

A nervous person will benefit from a soothing massage, consisting of superficial techniques, made with a low intensity, slow, light maneouvres, for a long period of time, applied on extended areas.

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Here are some of the soothing, relaxing maneouvres:
1. slow and long softenings
2. superficial rolling
3. sifting
4. light shakes, tractions and tensions
5. light vibrations with the palm

There is a third type of persons – well balanced emotionally- “ready to fight”. They will benefit from a lightly exciting massage.

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