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The awakening, exciting of the generally known erogenous areas is a subject you could deal with in one of the articles from our site, entitled The Pleasure Zones. Part 1.

The exploration of the individual, erogenous map is facilitated both by the knowledge of erotic astrology and the state of intimacy between the masseur and the massaged one.

The zodiac sign and the ascendent of the massaged person indicate the most sensitive erogenous areas. These areas can be touched with the nails, kissed, caressed.

The following analogies are well known:

Aries – hair, face, temples (any head area)
Taurus – neck (caresses with scarves, feathers, tongue)
Gemini – hands (especially palms), arms (especially the inner side), tongue
Cancer – breasts (especially the nipples)
Leo – the back and the spine (the tread technique is very useful)
Virgo – the abdomen
Libra – the kidney area, buttocks
Scorpio – the sexual organs
Sagettarius – the thigh area
Capricorn – the knee area
Aquarius – the ankle area
Pisces – the feet (especially soles)

Conspiracy, a method of coordinating and harmonizing the breathing of the two lovers, is very useful for sexual arousement. It is the most powerful method to easily channel the energy in the genital area.

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We consider that it will be highly interesting to present to you the internal massage of the feminine genitalia due to the beneficialial effects the massage has on the awakening of the feminine erotism.

If done delicately and for a long time, through superficial touches, just as soft caresses on the vaginal walls up to the cervix, is an excellent opportunity to become aware of the sensations at these levels.

1. Begin with the gentle massage of the clitoris, considering the subtle physiology of the clitoridian orgasm .

It is known that the nervous impulses given by the muscles surrounding the vagina are transmitted to the brain through the clitoris.

Consequently, the clitoridian orgasm prepares a preparatory flux, a helping linking current for the release of the vaginal orgasmic contractions.

2. The internal massage itself is effective after a certain relaxation and opening towards the experience of orgasm.

The ecstasy depends on the woman’s capacity of resonating with the infinite well of energy and sensations. The woman’s connection with her vaginal sensations through the breath accompanied by visualization determines a “suction” of the sensations and vibrations towards the uterus.

Contract the vaginal muscles and breathe deeply at the same time, as this correlation has as effect the intensification of the ascendant current of energy.

3. It was noted that the insensitive areas discovered during the massage corresponded to accumulated tensions or toxins, in the form of small nodules – protuberances whose existence the woman indicates to her lover, who is also the masseur. The man massages these protuberances delicately, while the woman breathes deeply.

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In a short while the nodules disappear, and the sensation of excitement rules over again, peaking with a ecstatic pleasure and increasing with the awareness.

If the contractions of the vaginal muscles are intense, they go upwards towards the uterus, and become prolonged, slow waves of pleasure.

4. Finalize the massage with a external massage on the pelvic muscles, including the anal muscles. For the men, the internal massage of the anus and the intestinal walls up to the sacrum and prostrate can solve a lot of functional problems.

5. The mutual massage offers relaxation, and intimacy, the subtle bodies of the two lovers opening up like flowers, growing and accelerating the circulation of the subtle energies. Synchronize your breaths and listen to your rhythms.

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