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Tractions and tensions are characteristic for the periarticular joints and tissues and belong to the segmentary massage techniques.

Tractions are applied on the following areas: the joints of the limbs, of the hips, of the head (on the cervical part of the spine).

Get a firm grab and then push the terminal segment carefully and gently in the direction of the axes.

By stretching and elongating the joint and periarticular segments below the physiological limits, the intra-articulare segments get liberated and relaxed.

They apply successfully on all the joint and muscular accidents. The therapeutical elongations applied on the spine are externalized through skin plethora.

Shakes are manoeuvre related to tensions and tractions. They consist of ample, oscillating, rhythmical movements. They are meant especially for the limbs.

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The shake of the interosseous spaces of the extremities (arms and legs) replace the kneading that cannot be applied here.

For this, grab between the thumb and the index finger either the side edge of the hands or legs, either the extreme fingers (thumb, little finger) of the subject, to which rhythmical, active, alternate movements are applied forwardly-backwardly and vice versa.

The shake of the fingers and toes is made either with the hands made hollow (with a medium hold) on their tips (while the other hand keeps the fist and ankle fixed), either by holding lightly each finger in turn (between thumb and index) followed by a lively movement of bringing forth and back and vice versa all the fingers together or one by one.

The overall shake of the superior or inferior limbs after holding the hands by the fingers and the legs by the heels consists of oscillating movements made from up to down and from one side to the other or vice versa; it can be associated with tractions made along the long axes of the limb and also with the tensions.

The overall shake of the whole body can be applied in the end of the massage to children and slim persons who can be lifted in the arms or shoulders having the trunk slightly curved.

The effects of these manoeuvre depend on the rhythm they are made. A lively rhythm will have stimulating effects on the area and generally, manifested through a state of vivification, while a slow rhythm, with gentle manoeuvre will have relaxing effects.

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They apply on the muscular areas of the limbs. The difference between them consists of the holds applied on the tegument, the hypodermic cellular tissue, and even the muscles.

Thus, pinches form a fold made with light hold (between thumb and index), as for the tucks the fold is made with medium hold (between the hollow, inside part of the hand and fingers) or powerful hold (between the fingertips).

The manoeuvres are made in a lively rhythm, from place to place, thus having an exciting effect.