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These manoeuvres consist in impressing the tissue with a large number of oscillatory movements per the unity of time.

They perform small dislocations of the skin, and tissue, as well as various undulant pressures. These manoeuvres can be applied manually or with the help of certain machines named vibrators.

The vibrating movements are similar to a continuous trembling and result from the alternative contractions of the muscles of the arm, palm, and fingers.

In the case of manual vibrations, there is a large scale of techniques: manoeuvres done with the tips of the fingers, with the palm of the hand, with the hand, with the fingers, with the fist.

The mechanical, rhythmical and uniform vibrations can be adjusted in terms of the frequency and amplitude of oscillations, in rapport with the size of the area to be massaged, with the thickness and sensitivity of the tissues on
smaller areas, on a short, medium or long interval of time.

The fine and long manoeuvres are claming, reducing the skin and superficial tissues sensitivity causing a sensation of numbness, warmth and relaxation.

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The ampler and more powerful manoeuvres determine an activation of the deeper local circulation, which is exteriorized in cutanat hyperthermia.

The vibrations are combined with the softening, friction and pressure manoeuvres, contributing to the increase of their efficiency.

Their effect is calming, relaxing and decongesting, reason for which their are indicated in the treatment of both painful and congestive affections of the internal organs, of the lesions accompanied by muscular contractions, and in the case of psychic tensions.

The mechanical vibrations done in a rapid rhythm with increased amplitude have a double effect, preventing the deposit of the adipocites, concomitantly with their mobilization from the fat.

Therefore, these methods are indicated in the treatment of cellulite and obesity.

A larger look on the effects of the principal massage manoeuvres gives us reasons to say that they are reflected mainly on the blood circulation.

Through the same massage techniques the sympathetic system acts on the veins from the striate muscle, in a vas-dilatation sense as a consequence of the predominance of the beta receptors from the vascular wall.

The energetical massage manoeuvres determine also the activation of acetyl-coline, which is the chemical mediator between the terminal parasympathetic fibres and the sympathetic and parasympathetic ganglionar
fibres, responsible for a peripheral dilatation in a first stage, so that after it contributes to the appearance of the compensatory adrenosympathic
reactions, which release adrenaline.

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These are only some of the complex intimate reactions generated by a simple massage. The detailed effects we just mentioned refer to the arterial circulation and only the implication of the nervous system in the peripheral
vascular adjustments is capable of explaining their persistence in time.

The beneficialial influences of the massage are also reflected on the content of the blood vessels: thus, a massage session will be followed by a slight increase in the haemoglobin as well as of the number of leucocytes and haematites.

These modifications are explained through the reflex stimulation of the organs and the mobilization of the blood from the deposit organs.