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The magic ceremony is celebrated by ardent dances, and in these rhythms the woman goes towards her lovers center – NABHI, the navel, considered the “axis mundi”.

The rhythm of the ceremonial drums, which protect from evil spirits and induce ethereal states, is the “password” that opens up the sacred universes, because this rhythm is tuned to the cosmic harmony.

She and He plunge deeply into trance and begin a long esoteric journey. The rhythm of the massage will spread all through the body. Allow this rhythm to take over your entire being. Keep in mind that now you are giving a massage to a divine being, not just a sack of bones and muscles.

Through the “dance” of her hands on his body, the woman induces in her lover the thirst and the hunger for divinity, for transcendence. She helps him and guides him in his attempt to abandon himself and to become united with her.

Becoming one with someone else does not mean losing ones freedom, on the contrary. It offers a special kind of freedom. The rhythm of the ritual gestures suppresses the inertia and opacity of the “flesh”.

Tantra Magazine
The freedom of movement in this marathon of the hands is the expression of the freedom of the spirit. The depth of the ritual act is purely magical beatific bliss. The access to elevated energies allows the aspirant to enter celestial spheres and to assimilate celestial qualities.

Through the initiation , he becomes an intermediary between Sky and Earth. Invested with unsuspected powers, he is given the favor to communicate with other universe. The exchange of energy ensures his energetical support, and the ritual offers him subtle protection.

The man is now the leader of the ritual, and the woman confirms that he indeed masters the mysteries. He got the womans magical vision.

The traditional erotic ceremonials have no orgiastic tendency or characteristic. Ritual interiorization and transfiguration are the key elements. The messages are transmitted through masked allegories.

Bearing in mind the opening offered by the sensual massage, practice it before lovemaking. However, this massage needs to be preceded by an integration in the divine harmony. You may do so consecrating this magic ritual to the omnipresent immortal spirit.

The golden rule of the sensual massage is: once the hands have touched your lovers body, do not interrupt this contact under any circumstance.

Keep the connection between your bodies with any part of your arm, or if not, at least of your body, because thus the energy will flow harmoniously between the two of you.

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