Mix 60 ml of almond oil with 5 ml (one teaspoon) of jojoba oil. Add 6 drops of musk oil, 4 drops of rose oil, and 3 drops of rosewood essence. Shake well until they mix together and use it for several massages.

The sensual massage requires particularly a gentle touch. Too much oil will make it impossible for you to touch your lovers skin, and your hands will slide so quickly on the surface of his body, that the overall effect will not be pleasant. Pour in your palm approximately one and a half teaspoons. Rub your hands together to spread the oil and warm your palms.

In our daily life, we receive the information we get through our five senses. Sight, hear, touch, smell and taste. The eyes are the main source of information for most people, and we constantly analyze and respond to visual stimuli.

However, in order for the massage to be successful, we need to turn from a visual way of experiencing things to a tactile one. If we restrain the area of our consciousness to the tactile sense alone, our attention will enhance.

This change in the consciousness is called the state of trance. In order for the atmosphere to be relaxed and warm from the very beginning, the two lovers may perform a complete yogic relaxation before the massage.

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In the Tantric vision, the body is the most secure and complete instrument that the human being has for his spiritual evolution. In all erotic treaties, the authors mention the importance of the atmosphere, of the setting in enhancing the voluptuousness.

Beyond this, there is also a sacred significance of the atmosphere, lost along the centuries. The rituals and their magic give the most fascinating and spiritually charged part. These aspects and spiritual states are impenetrable and inaccessible to the modern people.

They simply cannot taste them. The narrow spiritual horizon, indicated by the superficiality and the reduced capacity of understanding the spiritual realm and the laws governing it has given sensualistic interpretations to the magic rituals.

The sacred setting introduced the person into another reality, allowing it the transcendence of space and time.

Studied carefully, the Tantric texts reveal the ambivalence of the Sanskrit terms:

On one hand, the direct, practical, erotic sense, on the other a subtle sense with spiritual charge and magic value.

In the post-vedic literature, we also find a cosmic value of the two lovers actions. They abandon their individualities for a transfiguring communion, identifying with the cosmic couple ShivaShakti . The erotic union allows them the communion with the divine harmony, the transcendence of duality and reaching the androginal state.

Tantra Magazine

In the perfect integration and complete erotic union, an important part belongs to the perfumes, tonics, drinks, and sacrificial fire that used to introduce the couple into a sacred atmosphere.

All these played an active part in integrating the couple into a fascinating, wonderful, sacred and mysterious universe, known only to few. The enthusiasm and exaltation were enhanced by the arousing musical rhythms.

In this background, the woman initiates her lover, allowing him to enter into an universe with a different sensitivity, in which the body and the senses are over-active.

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