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In the following we will introduce you to the roles of the masseur and the receiver of the massage, as well as the most comfortable positions during the massage.

In order to properly receive a massage all you need is the will to accept and the desire to enjoy your lovers gift to you.

Your capacity of allowing your lover to have full control during the massage will govern your capacity to receive pleasure. Be ready to accept the form or the model the massage will take.

This does not mean that you have to continue with the massage, if you find an unpleasant or disturbing aspect of the massage. Keep your right to say “stop” at any time, if you find it necessary.

Also, keep in mind that the massage is meant to enhance your sensitivity to ecstatic, enlightening experiences. For some people, this beatitude can be difficult to stand. No matter what you do, make sure you enjoy your body.


When your lover receives a massage, he or she needs to have the spine straight and relaxed. For the first part of the massage, the preparation and the front, your lover will lay on the back. In order to be relaxed and comfortable, and to have the spine relaxed and straightened, it may be useful a rolled blanket underneath the knees and a small pillow under the head.

Make sure that your lovers legs are stretched, not crossed (definitely avoid that!) and symmetrically placed. Verify if his or her body is stretched and the head aligned with the spine and feet.

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For the back, when your lover will be facing down, it is recommendable that you placed a rolled blanket under his ankles, as this will lift his legs and will ease the pressure on the knees.

For the face-up position, roll a small blanket and place it under the knees so that the spine is relaxed. Also, place a small pillow under the head. For the face-down position, use a small rolled blanket under the ankles to ease the pressure of the knees.


As the masseur, do your best to free your mind of any sexual reward. Devote yourself to the operation of healing, and empty your mind, so that you can be a vessel filled with Gods healing energy, transmitted through your hands. Your purpose is to serve, heal or give pleasure.

In order to give your lover a sensual massage you need to feel fine, and natural. Sitting or standing, straighten your spine and relax your shoulders. Breathe deeply, slowly and regularly.

You do not need to spend extra energy or make any special efforts. All you need is enough energy to keep the form of your arms. The more you relax your body, the more Gods harmonizing and healing energies will flow to your hands and from here to your lover.

Make sure that the starting point and then all the rest of the movements come from your inferior abdomen. Let your hands be simple instruments to transmit the energy of love. Almost all the essence needs a cursive, gentle touch, as you walk your hand over the water.

Moving your hands freely over your lovers body you will direct the flow of the energy to the sexual center. While you do this, your lover may experience a tremendous state of sexual arousal, located in the area of the genitalia and of the abdomen.

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If you feel that you or your lover are to aroused, stop and place your hands in one of the pause positions so that the energetic circulation will slow down, and your lover does not perceive the same sexual rush.

Synchronize your breath with that of your lover, to help the relaxation process focus all your awareness in your palms, then inhale and exhale together with your lover.

Although this may seem way too simple to you, the results are amazing and surprising. When you feel more peaceful and balanced, you can start again the massage and transmission of the sexual energy.

A well-done massage will reflect the transfer of the energy to such a degree that your lover will feel complete and fulfilled.


During the massage, you will sit on your heels. You might discover that your knees and shanks might hurt. In this case, place a rolled blanket between your heels and buttocks. Focus on your own spine, torso and head. The spine should be straight as much as possible. The upper part of the chest and back is wide open, with the shoulders and armpits relaxed.