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The red healing water is made of basil leaves and flowers left to macerate in one liter of water for 12 hours. If one drinks one cup of red water at equal intervals of time, their erotic appetite will be greatly enhanced.

The important aspect that makes basil different and special amongst the aphrodisiacs is that along with this enhancement of the erotic power occurs a greater capacity of control of the sexual energy, and thus the person taking the macerate as shown previously becomes a real magician in the field of eros.

The intense perception of the erotic sensations, the control over erotic pleasure and even the control of ejaculation are the highly impressive privilege of the red healing water.

In the central region of Congo, basil leaves are used to undo the magic of sexual nature and to cast away evil spirits.

In the north of Romania, young women place by their pillows small basil branches, as the belief goes that it protects them from evil spirits during nighttime and help them dream Prince Charming in an erotic posture.

This may explain why some virgins have an erotic experience that competes even with that of the most “industrious” wives.

The legend also goes that if a young woman or a young man places some fresh basil under her or his pillow and sleeps on it during the night of 24th to 25th of June, she or he will dream of the person meant to be together.

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The chocolate, due to its high concentration of cocoa contains an alkaloid substance, named threbomin, which has strong aphrodisiac effects when ingested in large quantities.

This fact was proved beyond any doubt by a study conducted over the workers of a chocolate factory, who eat more chocolate than other people. This study has indicated that over 65% of the persons interrogated have a libido (sexual appetite) that is much higher over the medium value of a normal person.

Moreover, these persons proved that they had a very rich erotic imagination, a great sexual freedom, and an almost continuous desire to make love.

Eat daily approximately 200 grams of chocolate and you will note that the workers in the chocolate factories are not the only ones who can benefit from its aphrodisiac effects.

In the following, we submit to your attention some recipes, very easily made yet very unknown. Their effects are powerful due to their ingredients, and the sensations they cause are truly unique.

You have the opportunity to use these veritable home-made love potions and to become the happy hosts of more and more interesting evenings and nights.

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This nectar was used in the intimate circles of the kings of France and was a favorite of the refined courtesans of the time – great experts in the art of love.

It was also renowned for its magical power of awakening the passion and of prolonging the peaks of erotic pleasure. The “whispered” history of France says that one time Lois the XIV-th drank recklessly a great quantity of this potion.

The happy result was that he had an erection lasting 12 hours! Apparently a whole night all he could do was lovemaking … lovemaking … lovemaking.

Here is the miraculous recipe: in one liter of water put 150 ml of honey and let it ferment. After this process is done, grate some celery and place the pieces in the fermented water and honey. Leave to macerate for 48 hours. Strain the celery and keep in a cold place for one day. It should be consumed before lovemaking.

However, be careful, because if you consume too much potion and if you do not have the king’s vigor you might have to deal with the reverse effect: you might lose your erection for several hours.

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The beginning is myth-like. Once upon a time, there was this emperor’s daughter who was seeking her groom to be.

Unfortunately, none of the men who had come to woo her did not manage to awaken in her the ardent call of love. It was then deiced that the men who would manage to attract her in any manner will be her groom.

The story ends here, because don Carlos, a great admirer of this girl brought her a potion that made her feel such a powerful desire that the wedding was settled for the next day.

Now, here is the truth: the potion was made of water and honey left to ferment together, in which were added: fresh basil leaves, cinnamon, and honey left to macerate for 24 hours.

This drink has powerful aphrodisiac effects for both men and women. Drink this elixir yourself, three times a day, for three months and you will notice the intensity of your erotic appetite, as well as its growth. Then you will understand why the girl in the story decided so quickly.

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This is a difficult recipe. However, the results are rewarding, even for this difficulty in preparing it. One of the most famous women of our world used to prepare this recipe for her lover.

The man’s name is Anthony, and the woman is, of course, Cleopatra, the seductive queen of Egypt. Although the indications are that she was not familiar with the electro-magnetic fluids of the precious stones, she would offer to her lover a drink made of veritable pearls dissolved in alcohol. She know that this is the way to obtain his favors and … erotic fervor.