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SCIENTIFIC NAMES: Satureja Hortensis, fam. Labiatae=Lamiaceae

HISTORY: The culinary use of this perennial herb is traditional, the Romans used it as an aphrodisiac. Satureia, as they named it, was added to the food, but most often it was taken in wine or with honey.

In ancient Greece, the savory was named satyrius, referring to the deity with human trunk, and goat feet and horns. On the peak on the Olympus, the nymph Laura was complaining about the weak performances of the Anos satyr.

He went to the god Dionysos and asked for his help. The god recommended that the satyr ate savory, the “herb of happiness”, and so the satyr awakened his erotic forces and qualities, regaining his beloved.

Dionysos is also represented with his forehead crowned with savory leaves and offering wine to the nymphs.

During the Middle Ages the pregnant women were forbidden to even touch this herb, due to its renowned aphrodisiac qualities.

The consumption of this herb was also forbidden in monasteries, because it endangered the vow of abstinence. The believers considered it might hinder their meditation and communion with God.

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In Persia, the women prepared the dugh in the greatest secret. This drink required special preparation and also the best quality ingredients. For this, the fresh yogurt had to be mixed with a little water, for the unctuous aspect.

The savory kept previously in complete darkness, away from the gaze of men, was then grind. To this were added rose-petals, and some leaves of mint and celery. This drink rekindled the fire of passion and gave the erotic encounters an appetizing “taste”.

DESCRIPTION: It is an herbaceous, with pivoting ramified roots, wooden stem, narrow, dark-green, spice-scented leaves on low, bushy plant. They are topped with tiny, pale pink flowers in summer.

USED PART: The flowered aerial parts, made of young twigs; the roots.

MAIN CONSTITUENTS: The aerial parts contain: volatile oil 0,3-2%, tanine, resins, sugars, vitamins B and C, bitter principles.

ITS ACTIONS ARE: aphrodisiac, sexual stimulant.

INDICATIONS: frigidity, sexual impotence.

RECIPES: For the aphrodisiac effect, take sublingually the powder made of the dried and grind herb, in quantities of 1 gram, every six hours, four times a day, for five months if you desire to obtain a long-term effect.

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For an immediate result take as described above 3 grams, four hours before lovemaking. Keep the powder under your tongue for 15-20 minutes, then swallow it with some water, and maybe honey.

The powder is used in cooking, as a spice.

Savory is indicated also in cases of intellectual and sexual asthenia. In culinary preparations it is associated with salvia, but it may also be taken as macerate: one spoon of herb is left to macerate in spring or mineral water, for 6 to 8 hours. Drink one cup per day.