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The Peruvian “relative” of the Amazonian tree catuaba is chuchuasi (name meaning “trembling back”). The indigenous shipibo treasure this plant very much, using it in their aphrodisiac recipes. They use to prepare a drink based on rum, to which they add chuchuasi bark.

COMMON NAMES: Chuchuhuasi, chucchu huashu, chuchuasi, chuchasha, chuchuhuasha

DESCRIPTION: Chuchuasi is an enormous canopy tree of the Amazonian rainforest that grows up to 30 m high. Its leaves are large (10-30 cm), the flowers are small and white, and its bark is extremely tough, heavy, reddish-brown in color.


MAIN CONSTITUENTS: hydroxytingenone, 6-benzoyl-6-deacetylmayteine, beta-dihydroagarofuran sesquiterpene polyol esters, canophyllol, catechin tannins, friedelan triterpenes, friedelin, 3-oxo-29-hydroxyfriedlelane, 3-oxofriedelan-25-al, laevisines A and B, macrocarpins A-D, maytansine, mayteine, maytenin, mebeverine, phenoldienones, pristimeran, proanthocyanidins, tingenone.

RECIPES: The macerate made of chuchuasi bark in sugar cane juice is an electrifying drink, with special aphrodisiac virtues. It is aslo used mixed with catuaba.

ITS ACTIONS ARE: adrenal supportive, analgesic, anodyne, anti-arthritic, antidiarrheic, anti-inflammatory, antirheumatic, antitumorous, aphrodisiac, immunostimulant, muscle relaxant, stimulant, stomachic, tonic.

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HISTORY: After Plinius the old, the medicinal use of this herb was a common thing in the northern part of Egypt, due to its anti-inflammatory, digestive and tonic qualities.

DESCRIPTION: This is a perenous herb, with pivoting roots, ramified stem, and blue, white or pink flowers. It grows in Europe and Western Asia, on uncultivated grounds, an on the roadsides.

USED PARTS: leaves, root, flowers, seeds, the whole aerial part.

MAIN CONSTITUENTS: chicorine, B, K, C vitamins, minerals – iron, phosphor, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, copper), lipids, protids, amidon. The root contains bitter substances, tanine, volatile oil, resins, etc.

ACTIONS: The mild bitter and tonic effect is caused by the inuline and by the resin in general. These components act as tonic of the urinary system and overall re-vigorants. After using chicory, the skin becomes silky, soft, nice to touch, making erotic contact more pleasurable.

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RECIPES: The chicory root may be used with great success as replacing coffee.

For the aphrodisiac effect, take sublingually the powder made of the dried and grind root, in quantities of 2 grams, every six hours, four times a day, for five months if you desire to obtain a long-term effect.

For an immediate result take as described above 5 grams, four hours before lovemaking. Keep the powder under your tongue for 15-20 minutes, then swallow it with some water, and maybe honey.

The powered dried root has a sweet-bitter taste and a general tonic effect.

Prepare a simple tonic and aphrodisiac juice from the aerial part of the herb. Take 60-120 grams a day.