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In the Eastern sexology works there are many aphrodisiacs enumerated. Some have only a placebo effect, but others are very efficient sexually and even mentally. A lot of foods can be prepared so that they let all sexual, full-of-life substances remain.

Natural, healthy food without meat and a harmonious and most natural way of life are the most efficient aphrodisiacs. Fresh air, seawater and river water, fire and Sun light have the capacity to stimulate sexuality a lot, as well as the harmonious contact between senses and pleasant objects.

An Eastern saying says that, “the most natural and strong aphrodisiac for a virile and strong man is a beautiful, vital, sensual woman who, full of passion, asks to be satisfied with all her being.”

HATHA YOGA and breathing exercises ( PRANAYAMA ) can help stimulating the body’s vitality. More, meditation can help freeing the body from anxiety, inhibitions, prejudices and inferiority complexes. Then rarely it will be needed physical aphrodisiacs.

A healthy and strong mind doubled by a creative imagination generates together an “atmosphere” as happy as possible, if the two practice perfectly the sexual continence .

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Normally there are many chapters about aphrodisiacs in the Art of Love works. Generally it is said that a substance that looks like genitals is possible to act like an aphrodisiac if it is prepared right.

It appeared because of the fact that herbs, plants, fruits and other substances with a certain appearance, colour, shape or smell, are very effective in treating certain diseases. Such an example is the Indian mango. It looks like a kidney and it is a very effective natural medicine in certain kidney diseases.

It is important to prepare the right dose in using an aphrodisiac. A specialized branch in the Indian medicine is devoted to this work. Aphrodisiacs can be divided into three main categories: animal, vegetal and minerals.

These categories, separately or best of all combined, produce a whole series of aphrodisiacs that are generally suited to the human’s condition and temperament.

Animal aphrodisiacs include eggs (of different birds), different kinds of milk (especially goat), fish eggs that come from strong fish like salmon and certain parts of animal bodies like deer horns, musk pods, whales amber and rhino horns. For these products to be efficient they must come from wild animals, hunted during the right time and only if they were healthy at the moment of hunting.

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Vegetal aphrodisiacs are even more numerous and their preparation requires sometimes more care. Among them there are ginger, anise, ginseng root, wild asparagus, basil, mushrooms, black beans, certain anion types, carrots, figs, sweet wood, almonds, pistachio, pine buds, pine-apple, sesame seeds, cinnamon, nutmeg, saffron, black pepper, raisins, nuts, honey (of certain flowers), pollen taken from bees, rinds of certain trees, orange seeds, omag root as well as strong “wines” or combined potions of grapes, pomegranates, wild flowers and herbs. Just like animal substances, these have to be of high quality and picked up at the right moment.

Mineral aphrodisiacs described in the Eastern medical works include mineral resin (“Shilaject”), stalactites, mercury prepared very carefully, sulphur, mica, arsenic, shells, Kauri shells, pearls, drinkable purified gold, silver, copper, iron, coral, emerald, sapphire, ruby and diamonds. Preparing mineral aphrodisiacs is an extremely complex process and represents a true secret science known in India as RASAYANA.

Ginseng has been used for thousands of years for its properties deeply refreshing and aphrodisiac. Lately it has been nominated by Westal science as having a very strong and real effect. Red ginseng root has the best results yet it hasn’t to be used continuously.

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A 40 days treatment with ginseng extract has to be followed by a three months pause representing the most usual prescription that works in most cases. The exact dose is to be determined taking into account the individual strength of the root.

There can be a strong tea, aphrodisiacs macerated from the combination of certain plants and dried ginseng root. Equal quantities of cinnamon and green nutmeg must be smashed together. Fresh gingerroot, a double quantity as the two, has to be added.

After that add nine beans of black pepper, 2 – 3 clove and a teaspoon of saffron. The whole mixture should be left to macerate for three days in 250 g. of alcohol (60 degrees). When the macerating process is over there must be added 25 mg. of ginseng root.

This strong aphrodisiac can be consumed as three teaspoons 30 minutes before every meal. As a nice and stimulator sweeten there can be used honey.

There are lots of efficient aphrodisiacs that can be applied directly on genitals. They work because of their capacity to give heat or cold. Natural santal wood oil mixed with cinnamon or ginger dust is one of the most efficient recipes. Clove oil mixed with base-oil (sunflower or olive oil) or a mixture of sunflower oil and camphor can have very refreshing results.

Yet they require special attention. Very dangerous are the ones that irritate the genitals, such as cantharis. These aphrodisiacs must not be used because they could cause a lot of problems.

Tantra Magazine

It is worth repeating that a harmonious, natural and healthy way of life with no meat, tobacco, alcohol, and coffee forever is the best aphrodisiac. It is best that you do not lean on exterior help in order to have a satisfying sexual life. Thus if you use aphrodisiacs in certain occasions you will feel the difference.

“Wise use of aphrodisiacs should be learnt from medical as well as religious texts, from experts and from the initiated ones. You shouldn’t try an aphrodisiac if it is doubtful and if it can cause problems, or if it is obtained from killing an animal. It can put you in touch with impure things.”


“Aphrodisiac ointments have generally a limited effect. In the best of ways they can increase a little the potency. If you put an aphrodisiac on something that is strong by nature is like somebody perfectly prepared will still have three teaspoons of ginseng immediately before an exam. He will feel twice as fresh and attentive that moment and his presentation will be very good. On the other hand, a lover who does not practice sexual continence and whose instrument is weaker by nature will not feel stronger because of the ointments or aphrodisiacs than an ignorant and untalented candidate who takes huge quantities of ginseng before the exam.”