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Any woman would like to have the ability to satisfy a common, even demanding or insensible man. But the efforts of a frigid woman could not give enough satisfaction. Then it is possible that she needs the help of a specialist or of a psychologist.

Generally, a wrong view or attitude towards sexuality may generate incredibly big problems. Thus we advise the frigid women the following:

1. to give up the foolish moral principles that usually are to rigid, conservative, old-fashioned and limiting;

2. to completely remove the absurd feelings of guilt concerning sexuality, no matter what their nature could be;

3. to accept joyfully and naturally her own sexuality based on love, as being beneficialial and healthy;

4. to make her body more erotically sensitive by an attentive study of the intimate areas through caresses, kisses, in order to “awake” them;

5. to learn how to live orgasms without discharge, first through her own efforts (through self-stimulation), then together with a lover.

Tantra Magazine
Indeed, it is easier to talk than to practice, and maybe the easiest thing in the world is to give advice. But through patience, understanding and a tender, active implication of the beloved, a frigid woman can gradually become a sensual lover, full of beneficialial and creative erotic fantasies.

It is very important that both lovers are enough erotically, not only sexually awakened. We must never take the veritable art of lovemaking for the instinctive brutality of copulation.

If a loving man cannot arouse his lover, the most part of the pleasure and happiness that could be lived during an intercourse cannot be felt.

There are persons who dont even imagine this ineffable harmony and communion arising between two lovers when the self-denial of one to the other is complete and when their erotic states are most refined and complex.

Men noticing that their lover behaves like a frigid woman should ask themselves if she might not need more tenderness and gentleness and if she doesnt consider all men and also her lover some animals whose behavior is generated by their sexual impulses.

Does this seem to you something insignificant? On the contrary, it is extremely important. And men, on their turn, are very vulnerable to this; they need to know for their peace of mind that women beside them respect and appreciate them both in bed and in all the other aspects of life (social, intellectual).

Many men consider that in our times one of the most difficult problems concerning sexuality, sexual satisfaction and happiness is the womens frigidity rather than mens lack of virility.

Tantra Magazine

Of course, this is their opinion. They say that mans veritable sexual satisfaction comes when women get sexually distressed and are completely free regarding lovemaking.

In the meanwhile, women believe that the lack of virility and the fetish and homosexual tendency are much serious problems than the frigidity of some of them.

It is obvious that the two problems are closely related, one causing the other. Thus, both men and women dont look for an answer within themselves but outside, always blaming the other one.

In fact, what is needed is first to become aware of the problem, to accept it and then to overcome it, as these sexual disorders affects our life, making us behave in a way that is not the most inspired and harmonious.