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Aromatherapy is one of the most ancient methods for treatment, as effective as it is pleasant. It is the art and science of using essential oils extracted from plants in curative purposes.

The ancient civilizations – Greek, Egyptians, Romans, and Chinese – used the substances extracted from aromatic plants in their religious rituals, as well as for healing the body, mind or soul.

The term for these substances is “essential oils” because they contain the most important elements in a plant. They contain the characteristic aroma and “the vital force” of the plant.

The molecules in essential oils, when inhaled, stimulate the olfactive nerve, and induce a series of complex phenomena, sending the messages to the brain.

Thus, the inhalation of the molecules from the essential oils determines physiological changes inside the body, more precisely in the nervous, endocrine, and immunological systems.

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Aromatherapy has significant psychic effects as well. For instance, the aroma of cinnamon creates the feeling of comfort, warmth, and safety.

There are many methods for the odours to spread through the room, the most common are electrical devices, aromatherapy lamps, perfumed candles, and perfumed sticks.

Another method from which one may benefit is the massage using special essential oils. The specialized shops sell massage lotions that contain essential oils, used for health, beauty, or comfort.

For instance, the massage on the chest using lotion containing eucalypt essential oil is excellent for respiratory problems.

Moreover, you may pour essential oils in the tub, in order to relax at the end of a difficult day.

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This essential oil has a wide many indications: anaemia, frostbites, bad peripheral circulation, arterial hypertension, diabetes, throwing up, conjunctivitis, oily hair, asthma, cold, flu, burns, laryngitis, oily skin, herpes, wrinkles, juvenile acne.

This essential oil is also used in a variety of purposes. For instance, it is administered orally, instead of aspirin, as well as in the treatment of diarrhea, dental problems, indigestion, stomachaches, cold, flu, migraine, menstrual pains, herpes, insect stings.

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This essential oil is quite useful in treating exhaustion, and depression, because it is an excellent relaxing agent.
Moreover, lavender may be successfully used in treating burns, as well as unpleasant sensations caused by insect stings.

It is used in the treatment of digestive disorders (indigestions, colitis, constipation) as well as circulatory system, as it stabilizes the arterial tension. Moreover, the rosemary essential oil calms muscular, rheumatic, and menstrual pain.

The essential oils are usually in high concentrations. Therefore, if you intend to use them for massage, and they do not come in special massage lotions, do not use them undiluted.

  • For inhalations: 10 drops on a paper napkin or handkerchief, or 10 drops in 100 ml of hot water.
  • For compress: 10 drops in 125 ml of water.
  • For baths: 5-10 drops in the tub, or 8-10 drops in 500 ml of luke-warm water.
  • For massage: 15-30 drops in 50 ml of oil.
  • For internal use: 3-4 drops in natural juice, water with honey, or milk 3 to 4 times a day, or 2-3 drops in a cup of tea, three times a day.

CAUTION! If you intend to use this method in the treatment of certain diseases, you should first check with the specialists in this field. However, it is important that you know that the treatment must not last for more than 3 weeks.